KCC’s Lee Seung-hyun’s determination: “I’ll play with my head in the sand”

“We’ll play with our heads in the sand.”

The Busan KCC Aegis won 110-103 against the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus in the 2023-2024 regular season of the Korean Basketball Association (KBA) at Sajik Gymnasium on Monday.

Lee Seung-hyun, who has recently recovered his form, contributed 10 points, four rebounds, and three assists to KCC’s victory.

“Even though the rankings have been decided, it’s important to set the tone before the playoffs, 텍사스홀덤사이트 and I’m happy that (Choi) Jun-yong and (Heo) Ungi were able to come back and play a good game,” said Lee.

Earlier in the day, coach Jeon Chang-jin praised Ragan-ah’s 43 points and 10 rebounds, saying that he gave it his all. Lee Seung-hyun agreed.

“Everything went in today. (Laughs) Shot for shot, fast break for fast break, and under the basket for under the basket, (La) Gun-ah made hard carries. I think he did the best job by blocking all the foreign players of Hyundai Mobis,” he said, praising Ra Gun-ah.

The return of Choi Jun-yong and Heo Woong from injury allowed the team to showcase several perfect running baskets.

“I didn’t play a lot of minutes because of (Choi) Jun-yong and (Heo) Ungi’s physical condition,” said Lee. But even though I played a little bit, I was able to grab defensive rebounds and switch with them. Jun Yong-yi is a plus for our offense because he is fast, so we were able to score more than a hundred points. If (Song) Kyo-chang comes and plays more running basketball, I think the synergy will be multiplied.”

While Lee is now back to his best and has been a huge contributor to KCC, there were times in the beginning of the season when he struggled with a slump.

“When things weren’t going well, I would get a lot of anxiety even if I didn’t make a single shot. I usually have a wide radius, but when my shots don’t go in, it doesn’t help. The coach played me less because the team had to win anyway, and I think that made me feel even worse. But in retrospect, it was my fault. Now that things are going well, I don’t care if one shot doesn’t go in, and my teammates believe in me, so I’m more confident and I’m able to play better,” he said of his early season.

“I’m the highest paid person on the team and I have a lot of responsibility, so I think I forgot about playing basketball. But the people around me really comforted me. My wife was very supportive, and Anyang (Lee) Jong-hyun met me on my day off and told me not to worry. I think I practiced hard and waited patiently for my chance,” he said about how he overcame the slump.

KCC will now wrap up the regular season and enter the playoffs. KCC will meet SK in the quarterfinals as they did last year. Coincidentally, SK was also their last opponent in the regular season.

“We played them in the playoffs last year and lost,” says Lee Seung-hyun. My previous team also met SK in the quarterfinals, but we lost three times in a row, so I’m more eager than anyone else. It’s the last game before the playoffs, so I think we have to work harder. I’m going to play with my head in the game, like Son Heung-min said in soccer,” he said.

SK Basketball is a team that plays an alley-oop defense like us, so I think it will be a spear-to-spear battle, and it will depend on who has the strongest will to win. The composition of the players on both teams has changed again, so I think we will be able to show the fans an interesting game.”

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