I pulled Leo in the 4th set… Defeat in the first round of the championship OK Ogino coach “Leo, prepare for the next match. Let’s refresh him…”

When we took the first set, the typhoon was still blowing. However, it was not easy to catch No. 1 Korean Air with three games already played.

OK Financial Group took the first set of the championship match before dropping the second, third, and fourth sets to lose the best-of-three series.

Despite Leo’s 22 points, the team shot just 41.7 percent from the field, with Song Hee-chae and Shin Seong-jin 카지노사이트킴 each scoring 11 points.

Before the first game, OK Financial Group head coach Ogino Massa said, “It’s great that we made it to the championship match after winning 3-2 in the semifinals against Hyundai Capital and 3-2 and 3-0 in the playoffs against Woori Card. Our goal was the playoffs, so we can play at least three more games and study Korean volleyball more. I want to have fun and accumulate points, point by point.” “I think it would be good to have fun with a challenging mindset and OK’s own volleyball. I hope the players will give their 100 percent,” she said, adding that she is ready for the championship match.

Regarding Maksim, who Korean Air newly recruited ahead of the championship, she said, “I don’t know him. We’ll see when we play him. I think he’s going to come out with a double switch, but I’ve watched his videos and prepared.”

Despite relying heavily on Leo, Ogino also emphasized the importance of using other attackers such as Shin Shin-jin and Song Hee-chae to distribute the offense. “I only said one thing to Kwak Myung-woo,” Ogino said. I told him that the second game of the playoffs was really good, and I wanted him to spread out the offense like he did then, and to do that, we need to have good reception. I asked the players to receive well.”

“It was tricky because the opponent’s serve came back and forth, which shook our receiving line and simplified the toss,” Ogino said after the match. “I told Kwak Myung-woo to distribute the toss like in the second game of the playoffs, but I think it was difficult when the reception was not good, so I was disappointed.”

Ogino changed Leo in the middle of the fourth set. “Leo’s offensive success rate and efficiency dropped a lot, so I thought it would be a good idea to change him,” Ogino said, “We have to prepare for that because we have to play another back-to-back, so I changed him so he could be refreshed.”

Regarding the second game, Ogino said, “In terms of physical fitness, it’s a V-League rule, so there’s no room for excuses,” adding, “I told the players to enjoy just being in the finals, and I believe in them, so I’m going to fight with them.” “Our team’s goal is to never give up, and I think the players showed that today,” Ogino continued, “We’ll use today’s loss as good medicine, think about the good flow we had in the first set, and prepare for a good start in the second set.”

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