KT Wiz Coach Lee Kang-cheol Applauded Starter William Cuevas

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-cheol applauded starter William Cuevas, who led the team to victory in Game 4 of the professional baseball playoffs (PO).

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol “Cuevas wanted to throw in the 7th inning, but he stopped.”

William Cuevas

After winning the 4th PO game 11-2 at Changwon NC Park in Gyeongsangnam-do on the 3rd,

Manager Lee said, “Cuevas threw like an ace as expected and was able to win,”

adding, “The batting line exploded from the first inning, so it was an easy game for a playoff.”

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Cuevas, who suffered a loss in the first game of the PO, cited the ‘slider’ pitch as the factor that allowed him to fight back with 1 hit and no runs in 6 innings in 4 days.

Coach Lee explained, “As the angle of the slider increased, the batter’s swing was drawn out.

In the first game, I used more power, but today I threw (the slider) at 130 km/h.”

William Cuevas, who threw 73 balls, threw a mix of cut fastballs (23), four-seam fastballs (19), two-seam fastballs (12), change-ups (10), and sliders (9).

Coach Lee Kang-cheol

When asked if he had intended to put Cuevas on the mound in the 7th inning,

manager Lee said, “I had to think about it one more time, so I finished with an appropriate number of pitches.

I said I would throw more, but I stopped him.”

It is interpreted as a remark with the first game of the Korean Series against the LG Twins in mind,

which is four days away on the 7th.

The starting pitcher for Game 5 of PO on the 5th was strategically not revealed.

Manager Lee asked back, “You don’t have to say anything,” and remained silent,

saying, “We will also check the physical condition of (the pitchers).”

He also praised Anthony Alford and Park Byung-ho, who showed off their batting skills,

Hwang Jae-gyun, who made up for a defensive error with a home run.

Alford, who had been silent with no hits in the first through third games of the playoffs, hit 2 hits in 4 at-bats, and Byung-ho Park,

who had only 2 hits in 12 at-bats, also survived with 2 hits in 5 at-bats.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I continued to use Alford (from the starting lineup) so that he could get a feel for it,”

added, “Byung-ho also appears to be improving after hitting a timely hit in the first inning.

Both of them seem to have improved their feel.”

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