Argentine and Brazilian Fans ‘Fight’ Ahead of Final

Argentine and Brazilian fans ‘fight’ ahead of final of South American soccer club competition

Boca Juniors and Fluminense supporters clash on Copacabana beach… 9 people arrested

Supporters of the Brazilian and Argentine soccer teams clashed in a brawl ahead of the final match of the competition to determine the best soccer team in South America.

Copacabana Beach

According to Argentine daily newspaper La Nacion and Brazilian media G1 on the 3rd (local time), fans of Argentina’s Boca Juniors and Brazil’s Fluminense, who advanced to the finals of the Copa Libertadores, a South American soccer club competition, met in Brazil the day before.

A fight broke out on Copacapana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Ahead of the final to be held at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium on the 4th,

Boca Juniors supporters visited Brazil and heightened the atmosphere by waving uniforms and soccer team flags on the beach,

while some fans got into an argument with Fluminense supporters, local media reported. 스포츠토토

A large number of other Brazilian fans who were watching this scene joined the scene and it escalated into a big fight.

Diarioole, an Argentine sports media outlet, reported that it had confirmed a video on social media showing a Brazilian police officer who had been dispatched to quell the situation pointing a gun at an Argentine soccer fan.


It is reported that some police officers also wielded batons to suppress protests.

Argentine Ambassador to Brazil Daniel Scioli criticized the way the Brazilian police responded, saying on his social media,

“Nothing justifies brutal repression as seen in Copacabana, where there were children.”

Brazilian police explained that there were two major disturbances the previous evening and night.

It was also added that seven people from Argentina and two citizens of Argentina were arrested on charges of assault.

Brazil’s G1 published an article that read, “The day after the uproar,

Argentine fans again waved their flags and completely occupied the sandy beach near a hotel,”

which was interpreted to mean that Argentina was responsible for the previous day’s incident.

On the other hand, Argentina’s Lanacion said, “Despite being attacked the day before,

Boca fans gathered again, sang loudly, and set off flares to show their unwavering support for the club.”

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