2023 K-Combat Asia Championship held in Ulsan

2023 K-Combat Asia Championship’ held in Ulsan on the 11th

Professional kickboxing Muay Thai is considered the best in Asia.

Many Thai and Japanese veterans participated


K-COMBAT (K Combat) World Professional Kickboxing Muay Thai Federation will hold the 2023 K-COMBAT Asia Championship to determine the best in Asia at Munsu Indoor Gymnasium in Ulsan at 4 p.m. on the 12th.

The organizers expected that this tournament would feature a high-level match rarely seen in recent times,

with many champions from Asian fighting powers Thailand and Japan, as well as Korea, participating. 온라인카지노

K-COMBAT, which started in 2018, is a combination of the abbreviation K,

which means king, and the English COMBAT, which means battle.

It is a competition to determine the best champion regardless of sports such as Taekwondo, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and martial arts.

This tournament will determine the first Asian champion.

Asian Championship

Veteran fighters include Korean kickboxing super ace Kim Woo-seung (Movie Gym),

MKF champion Rumi-san (Thailand), who is active in China, Korea Jang Deok-jun (Psycho Pitbulls),

the current K-COMBAT champion, and Japanese NKB champion Seito Takahashi.

They will face off with the inaugural Asian championship belt at stake.

Also, the second defense of the K-combat women’s championship between champion Park Seo-rin (Incheon Daehan Gymnasium) and challenger Hwang Song-rim (ANA Kickboxing).

The first defense of the Junior Walterweight champion between champion Heo Gun-mo (Team Ace) and champion Yeo Yeong-min (Gimhae Soryong).

10 games will also be held, including the game of.

Song Sang-geun, the central president of this event, is a 45th degree degreed holder in Taekwondo and has been holding events in Ulsan every year to promote the development of kickboxing.

Chairman Song said, “In order to realize the dream of becoming the best tournament in Asia beyond Korea,

we have invited many of Asia’s strongest players to hold this tournament to determine the first Asian champion.

We hope that many citizens will watch the heat of the fight.”

This competition is hosted by K-COMBAT World Professional Kickboxing Muay Thai Federation and Ulsan Metropolitan City Kickboxing Association,

sponsored by Ulsan Metropolitan City and Ulsan City Sports Council in Nam-gu, Ulsan Metropolitan City, and broadcast by JCN Ulsan Central Broadcasting and YouTuber Chador.

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