Hwaseong FC Wins the K3 League for the First Time in 4 Years

Hwaseong FC wins the K3 League for the first time in 4 years… Third ‘normal’ since founding

The Hwaseong FC rose to the top of the K3 League, the third division of Korean soccer.

The Hwaseong (16 wins, 9 draws, 2 losses, 57 points), led by coach Cheol,

won 2-1 in an away game against Changwon City Hall Football Club in the 29th round of the 2023 K3 League held at Changwon Sports Complex on the 3rd.

Hwaseong FC

Hwaseong had already confirmed the win before the game ended.

This is because in the previous game, 2nd place FC Mokpo (14 wins, 8 draws, 5 losses, 50 points) lost 1-3 to Daejeon KORAIL,

keeping the point gap at 4 with one game remaining.

Hwaseong, which went into the game with the championship confirmed regardless of the result of the final game,

celebrated its crowning as champion by winning the away game. 카지노사이트

In the 2023 K3 League, 15 teams will play in a home-and-away format,

the final ranking will be determined only by regular league performance without a separate tournament.

Hwaseong was on the rise by going undefeated in 17 games at the beginning of the season, and eventually won the championship.

This is the third league championship since the team was founded.

Hwaseong took second place in the regular league in 2014, when the K3 League was held under the name of the ‘K3 Challengers League’, and then won the championship.

K3 League Advance

In 2019, they ranked first in the regular league in the ‘K3 League Advance’ and won the championship by defeating Yangpyeong FC in the championship.

This is the first win since the league was reorganized into the integrated K3 League in 2020.

Meanwhile, the outlines of promotion and relegation in the K3 and 4 leagues are also being revealed.

In this season’s K3 League, the 14th and 15th ranked teams will be automatically relegated to the K4 League, and the 13th ranked team will play a promotion-deciding match against the team that won the K4 League playoffs.

While the relegation of the lowest-ranked Yangju Citizens’ Football Team has been confirmed,

13th-place Yangpyeong FC and 14th-place Changwon City Hall will be automatically relegated and their participation in the promotion match will be decided based on the results of the final round on the 11th.

In the K4 League, Yeoju FC, with 57 points, is leading with one less game played than second-place Daegu FC B team (54 points).

Yeoju FC will be confirmed to win the K4 League if they draw against FC Chungju on the 5th.

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