Noh Si-hwan “Young Players are one team” Jung Woo-young

[Asian Games] Noh Si-hwan “Young players are one team” Jung Woo-young “Run with peers as one”

The gold medals in baseball and men’s soccer at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games are even more meaningful in that they were won by young prospects.

National Team

The national baseball team limited selection qualifications to those ‘under 25 years of age or under 4 years of professional experience’ and selected only 3 wild cards from the total entries (24 players).

There were only 9 players, including 5 pitchers and 4 batters,

who had ever participated in an international competition as an adult national team member. 바카라사이트

Men’s soccer is also made up of players aged 24 or younger (born in 1999), excluding three wild cards.

Nevertheless, Korea decorated the final golden day of the Hangzhou Asian Games with a splendid display by winning a pair of gold medals in baseball and men’s soccer on the 7th.

Baek Seung-ho wore the men’s soccer captain’s armband and became the team’s center both on and off the field.

Jung Woo-young scored eight goals in this tournament,

including the equalizer in the final against Japan the previous day.

Noh Si-hwan

Noh Si-hwan confidently said, “I feel proud that young players came together as a team and won a gold medal.

I think they did a really great job, and the future of Korean baseball is bright.”

At the same time, he said, “If you support and encourage them like you do now,

I think Korean players will really be able to grow further.”

Moon Dong-joo also looked back and said, “It wasn’t easy as a group of young people gathered together,” and expressed his determination,

“I think we came together well and was able to win the gold medal because we had a sincere heart.

I will show a good performance in the next competition as well.”

Captain Baek Seung-ho also expressed his thoughts, saying, “It was a medal I desperately wanted.

I think we achieved it for all our hard work.”

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