Abercrombie & Fitch Wants Kim Ho-Cheol “If that were the case, I wouldn’t have come to Korea, would I?” he asks.

“I don’t have a kangdagu…if I did, I wouldn’t have come to Korea, would I?”

IBK head coach Kim Ho-cheol laughed as he talked about Abe Crombie, a foreigner who scored the most points for both teams.

IBK, coached by Kim, welcomed Pepper Savings Bank to the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at the Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium on the 19th and swept the set 3-0 (25-21 25-23 25-19). With the full three points, 온라인카지노 IBK (26 points) drops Jung Kwan-jang (24 points) and moves up to fourth place.

Abecrombie led the way with a team-high 22 points. He was followed by Pyo Seung-ju with nine points and middle blocker Choi Jung-min with eight points, including three blocks. The team totaled 10 blocks to stifle the opposing offense.

Abercrombie has been shooting a high percentage in every match. She shot 46 percent on the night. Still, Kim said, “I don’t like it. When you hit the ball at a crucial moment, you have to hit it. I tell her every time, but she’s too nice. I feel like he doesn’t have any toughness. I don’t think I would have come to Korea if I had that,” he laughed.

In the second set, at 23-23, there was a scuffle. The unforced errors hurt coach Kim Ho-cheol’s feelings.

“I understand the players,” Kim said, “If (the opponent) was a normal member, we would have done what we were supposed to do, but he wasn’t, so he let loose. It’s unavoidable, but I think it’s too much. In the case of today, if we served well, we would have had the offense we wanted, and if we played defense, we would have been more comfortable. We had too many errors. We lost concentration. We can’t do this for the future matches. It’s a shame. I’m a player too, but matches like this are very difficult.”

The fight for fourth place is intense. Every time they play a match, the rankings change. “Of course, the players care more than me,” Kim said. But we have to make sure that we win. If we think other teams are helping us, we’ll lose the race. We are in a position to follow. I tell the players that if we give our best every game, we will be up there at some point. We have to do everything we can,” he emphasized.

“So far, we’ve been playing well. We had a lot of problems in the first round because we didn’t play well together, but gradually the players are coming together. The desire to win has grown. It’s up to the players to decide how much they can push on from here. We’ve been doing well so far, but we need (Kim) Hee-jin, (Hwang) Min-kyung, and (Pyo) Seung-ju to work harder for the team to get ahead in the standings.”

As for Kim Hee-jin’s condition, she said, “I’m working hard, but I’m not feeling well. It’s not just me, it’s everyone,” she said, adding, “I might not be able to come back for the fourth round. Of course, I can put her on the court, but I have to feel good and she has to feel good. Otherwise, it’s a minus for me,” he said cautiously.

Hyundai E&C will play the second match of the series. “Their power is much better than ours. They have a high center, so it’s hard to play against them. The same goes for Jung Kwan-jang. We have to touch our opponent’s Achilles heel.”

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