It’s a bittersweet exit for the club record.

클럽 레코드의 씁쓸한 퇴장이다. 결국 탕기 은돔벨레가 토트넘을 떠난다. 9일(한국시각) 영국 데일리 메일은 '은돔벨레가 2년간 토트넘에서 뛰지 못한 채 떠날 예정'이라며 '토트넘은 실망스러운 커리어를 보낸 구단 최고 이적료 은돔벨레와 계약을 해지하려고 한다'고 했다. 이브닝스탠다드 역시 '토트넘과 은돔벨레의 계약은 1년이 남았다. 그러나 토트넘은 손실을 줄이기 위해 은돔벨레를 떠나보낼 준비가 됐다'고 했다.

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It’s a bittersweet exit for the club record. Tanguy Ndombele is finally leaving Tottenham.

‘Ndombele is set to leave Tottenham after two years without playing for the club,’ said the Daily Mail, and ‘Tottenham are set to part ways with club record signing Ndombele after a disappointing career’. The Evening Standard also reported: ‘Tottenham have one year left on Ndombele’s contract. But Spurs are ready to let Ndombele leave to cut their losses.

Ndombele is a sore thumb for Tottenham. Ndombele joined Spurs in July 2019. The transfer fee was a whopping £65 million, including options. Ndombele’s incredible talent for Lyon and the French national team has attracted the attention of many teams. His unique technique stood out. Tottenham stepped in and spent the most money in the club’s history. He joined Spurs at the insistence of Mauricio Pochettino, who wanted to add more creativity to the team. 카지노사이트 His weekly wage was also highly anticipated, as he was paid £200,000, more than Son Heung-min.

But in two and a half seasons,

Ndombele scored just 10 goals in 91 appearances. His first season was better. In 2020-2021, he scored six goals and provided four assists in 46 games. His ability to break away from the opposition was incredible. However, he didn”t play much, which caused him to have mobility issues. He was also a poor defender. After the arrival of Jose Mourinho, Ndombele”s presence was noticeably reduced and he had to go out on loan. He was loaned to his hometown club Olympique Lyonnais for the second half of the 2021-2022 season. He showed signs of life in Lyon and even attracted interest from Barcelona, but that was it. In the 2022-2023 season, he left again for Napoli.

Last season, he seemed to get his chance with the arrival of new coach Enze Postecoglou. Postecoglou initially thought about keeping Ndombele. However, 파워볼실시간 he completely changed his mind after his poor training behavior. Ndombele had to go out on loan again. He moved to Turkkiye Galatasaray. Ndombele’s loan was followed by a £12.8 million outright transfer.

But he struggled at Galatasaray as well.

Ndombele failed to take care of himself, sneaking burgers into his hotel room and eating them. He also had a falling out with his coach over his weight. In total, Ndombele played 26 games and recorded just one assist. He started only four games in the league and played just 18 minutes in the last 13. He was classified as a non-factor.

Unsurprisingly, Galatasaray didn’t buy Ndombele outright and sent him back. Upon his return to Tottenham, there was no place for Ndombele and the club, unable to afford his weekly wages, decided to terminate his contract. He is now worth more than five times less than he was when he joined the club, but no clubs are looking at him. He can join any team in free agency, but no one will be interested in a player who doesn”t take care of himself. 바카라사이트 순위 It’s a self-inflicted wound.

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