Ukraine tells its national team not to contact Russian or Belarusian players

Ukrainian shooters

Ukraine has advised its athletes participating in the Summer Olympics to be held in Paris, France in July not to have contact with athletes from Russia and Belarus.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Olympic Committee (UOC) announced on the 2nd (local time) that this guide is intended to “ensure the safety of Ukrainian athletes who may encounter Individual Neutral Athletes (AIN) from the aggressor country.” announced the line. 메이저사이트

According to the recommendation, Ukrainian athletes should not only refrain from direct contact with Russian and Belarusian athletes inside and outside the athletes’ village, but should also stand as far away from them as possible at the awards ceremony.

You should also refrain from taking photos or videos with Russian or Belarusian players or participating in joint press conferences or interviews, and you should also keep your distance on social networking services (SNS).

The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the UOC asserted that “these recommendations apply not only to the aggressor country’s delegation, but also to anyone who supports their policies,” and that “contact with them could be misused for propaganda purposes.”

He also emphasized, “If the Russian and Belarusian athletes attempt to engage in provocative behavior, they must report it to the leadership.” 슬롯사이트

Ukraine argued that athletes from Russia and Belarus should not be allowed to participate in the Paris Olympics, butthe International Olympic Committee(IOC) decided in December last year to allow athletes from these countries to participate as individual neutral athletes.

At the same time, the use of the national flags or playing the national anthems of these countries was banned, and participation in team competitions was also restricted. In addition, strict conditions were imposed on participating athletes, such as active military personnel, that they must not be related to their country’s military activities and must not express support for the war in Ukraine. 토토사이트 순위

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