Heo Hoon, who played for 40 minutes in a row, caught a cold Professional basketball KCC prepares customized defense

Heo Hoon

Professional basketball Suwon KT’s ace Heo Hoon is suffering from a cold after his outstanding performance, scoring 37 points against the ‘super team’ Busan KCC.

KT coach Song Young-jin said ahead of the 4th game of the 2023-2024 Jeong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball Championship (4 wins out of 7) held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 3rd, “Heo Hoon caught a cold. He was treated at the hospital in the morning, and while resting at the hotel ( “I came to the court,” he said.

He added, “My neck is swollen, but I think it will be okay (to play),” but added, “We’ll have to see if I can play for 40 minutes today.”

Heo Hoon played 40 minutes in both the second and third games of the championship game. In particular, in the third game, he scored 37 points alone, leading to a close match with KCC, which had a large number of national team players.

However, despite Heo Hoon’s performance, KT lost 89-92 to KCC, taking their second loss (1 win) in the series.

In addition to the pain of defeat, Heo Hoon, who was also faced with the negative news of a cold, came out to the court early that day and devoted himself to shooting practice.

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin is said to have prepared a ‘customized defense’ to suppress Heo Hoon’s performance. 파워볼사이트

Coach Jeon said, “Heo Hoon’s defense was prepared differently than usual. For now, Lee Ho-hyun and Calvin Jeffrey Epistola will block, but in an emergency situation, we can leave it to Song Kyo-chang.”

He added, “We will play defense that pushes towards the end line. We will not give space to any more mid-range shots.”

The former coach believed that KCC’s win rate would increase as Heo Hoon focused on individual attacks rather than saving the team, but in the third game, Heo Hoon was hit with a mid-range shot at every critical moment, making him sweaty.

At the championship media day, Coach Jeon said, “I will not stop Heo Hoon. I will tell him to score 50 points by himself,” and added, “I hope you understand my thoughts. If Heo Hoon holds the ball for a long time, the ball will not go to Paris Bass. “he said.

He then pointed out, “In fact, Heo Hoon scored 37 points, but Bath’s scoring dropped. We need to suppress the scoring of both players to that level and also reduce the scoring of the remaining domestic players.”

Bath, who was the top scorer in the regular league with an average of 25.4 points, scored only 20 points in the third game.

Coach Song said, “It’s a sensitive point, but Bass was annoyed that the referee’s decision was harsh and didn’t call him well, and he said his teammates didn’t do what he wanted. We resolved it through conversation. In any case, Bass needs to calm down.” 한국야동

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