Messi played in Japan Hong Kong ‘bubble’ after being no-show

World-famous soccer star Lionel Messi did not play in the friendly match against Hong Kong due to injury, but did play in the Japan match, drawing outrage from fans in the Greater China region. Chinese fans’ anger reached a peak when photos of him meeting a famous Japanese host were even revealed.

On the 6th, famous Japanese host Roland posted a photo of himself meeting Messi on his Instagram and said, “Thank you so much for coming to Japan this time and for being friendly and not prejudiced against me as a former host, and for giving me your time. Thank you so much for telling me that reaching the top in any field is a very meaningful thing. “I hope I can experience the wonderful side of Japan through this visit,” he wrote. He also posted a photo of himself receiving Messi’s autograph on golden soccer shoes.

Roland, known as the ‘King of Hosts’, is the most successful host in Japan. He is noted for his unique positive attitude and thorough self-management, and is evaluated as a person who changed the perception of the job of a host among the Japanese public by appearing on public broadcasting and giving lectures at public middle schools. Roland is also known to have a special affection for soccer, so much so that he played soccer until high school and dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player.

After Roland’s Instagram update, the Greater China region became even more angry with Messi. Hong Kong media HK01 said on the 7th, “Lionel Messi caused a big stir by missing the Hong Kong friendly match. However, the soccer king arrived in Tokyo, Japan, and held a press conference at noon on Tuesday, participated in team training in the afternoon, and happily attended a welcome party in the evening, creating a very different atmosphere from Hong Kong. Also, the king of Japanese hosts, Roland, posted a photo taken with Messi at the hotel on Instagram and even received his autograph,” the report said.

“Messi’s actions made Hong Kong netizens angry,” he said. “Many netizens pointed out, ‘I don’t want to see him in Hong Kong anymore,’ and ‘He frowned in Hong Kong, but in Japan, his expression is different.’”

Earlier, after missing the friendly match in Hong Kong, Messi said at a press conference held at a hotel in Tokyo on the 6th, “I was really unlucky,” and “I felt pain in my adductor muscle in the first game in Saudi Arabia (January 30). Although it wasn’t a major injury, it was difficult for him to play in Hong Kong. Many people were looking forward to it, but it’s a shame what happened in Hong Kong. He apologized, saying, “I want to somehow find an opportunity in the future to play in Hong Kong,” but he provoked even more anger from the Chinese by playing against Japan the next day. 토토사이트

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