“Are you ignoring the Chinese?” Messi’s absence from the Hong Kong match is plastered with abusive language on social media

Global soccer star Lionel Messi missed the friendly match against Hong Kong, but played in the match against Japan, sparking anger among Chinese fans.

On the 8th, Japanese media outlet The Digest reported that Inter Miami, where Messi belongs, conducted an Asian tour ahead of the opening of the Major League Soccer (MLS) on February 21, but Messi did not play in the Hong Kong selection game due to an injury, causing a great stir for local fans. He said it caused anger.

At the time, 38,417 fans gathered at the stadium to see Messi, but when Messi was absent due to injury, Hong Kong fans were peppering Messi’s latest posts on social media (SNS) with profanity in Chinese and English, the media reported. .

In fact, a post on Messi’s official Instagram included a photo of him playing against Saudi Arabia last month, with comments such as “I’ve been a fan of Messi for over 10 years, but I can’t stand this!”, “If you don’t respect Chinese fans, “I don’t deserve to come to China”, “Tell me why I missed Hong Kong and competed in Tokyo. Are you insulting Chinese fans?” Criticism poured in.

In addition, some fans are expressing their anger by saying things like, “Don’t come to China,” “Those who disrespect China will meet a bad end,” and “Are you disrespecting the Chinese people?”

As the anger of Hong Kong fans soared, the situation developed into a situation where Chief Executive Li Jiachao, the head of the Hong Kong administration, issued a statement asking the organizers to explain the circumstances and actively respond to the demands of ticket buyers, The Digest reported. 섯다

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