“I’m going to be the KIA head coach”

Former Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Kang Jeong-ho’s statement, “I’m going to be the manager of the KIA Tigers,” is making waves. Japanese media have also reported on Kang’s social media controversy.

While former KIA manager Kim Jong-guk is under prosecutorial investigation for embezzlement, a baseball-related social media site posted a post titled “KIA fans want the next manager” on March 31. Former KIA manager Sun Dong-ryul, former NC manager Lee Dong-wook, KIA hitting coach Lee Bum-ho, and former KIA pitching coach Seo Jae-ng were introduced as candidates.

Kang Jeong-ho, who runs a baseball academy in Los Angeles after retiring from active duty, commented, “I will go (as manager of the KIA Tigers).”

Some fans welcomed the appearance of the former star player, 토토사이트 whose hometown is Gwangju, and asked him to become the new manager of KIA. In response, Kang replied, “I’ll only go if the fans want me to, not if I want to.”

The direct comment, whether joking or serious

Sparked controversy as Kang Jeong-ho, who has had a troubled personal life, including three DUIs and a hit-and-run, has been in trouble with the law.

“Former Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Kang Jeong-ho left a comment on social media about the next manager of the Kia Tigers, which stunned fans,” Japanese sports media outlet SporNichi Annex reported on Wednesday.

The media continued, “Former KIA manager Kim Jong-kook has been charged with an arrest warrant by prosecutors on suspicion of bribery for accepting money in exchange for selecting sponsors. In response, the club terminated the contract with Kim Jong-guk, leaving the team without a coach just before the start of camp, an unusual situation.”

“Kang Jeong-ho left a comment on a baseball-related social media post about KIA’s next manager, saying, ‘I’ll go,’ and fans’ reactions were mixed,” SporNichi Annex added.

Kang played 297 games in the major leagues, batting .254 (233-for-917) with 46 home runs, 144 RBIs, 120 runs scored and eight stolen bases, 사설 토토사이트 before leaving the game amid a drunk driving and hit-and-run controversy.

“Kang attempted to return to the KBO in 2020, but was unsuccessful and effectively retired,” the outlet said.

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