“I feel like a pitcher now. Nice pitching.”

Second-year specialist Kim Seo-hyun received praise from the coaching staff after pitching in the bullpen for the second time in spring training.

The Hanwha Eagles held their spring training camp at Melbourne Ballpark in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on March 3 (KST).

After Seo-hyun Kim pitched, pitching coach Park Seung-min and bullpen coach Yoon Kyu-jin expressed their satisfaction with the pitcher’s performance in the bullpen this season.

Manager Choi Won-ho, who sat down with the media, nodded his head repeatedly. “Seo Hyun-i has improved a lot,” he said with a satisfied smile.

Also, Son Hyuk, 바카라사이트 who watched Kim Seo-hyun pitch from behind the fence, said, “He’s like a pitcher now. Nice pitching.” He left with the words, making us look forward to Kim Seo-hyun’s performance this season.

Meanwhile, Kim Seo-hyun, who joined Hanwha as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 season, boasted a powerful fastball from his first year as a professional, reaching a maximum velocity of 160 kilometers, but he ended the season with difficulties in pitching balance and control.

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