Beyond the ‘wallflower’! SON=Sala. EPL’s top legend

English media “Salah and SON The strongest rivalry in recent years. Liverpool, Tottenham Living Legends”

The ‘world-class’ controversy can now be put to rest. Son Heung-min (32, Tottenham) is now a legend. He’s even been compared to Mohamed Salah (31-Liverpool).

On May 25, TBR published an interesting interview with the soccer player. They asked 23-year-old rookie striker Jordand Adebayo-Smith, who plays for Major League Soccer’s Minnesota.

The question was, “Who is the better striker between Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah?

After much deliberation, Adebayo-Smith chose Salah, saying: “Salah has the advantage of quick shooting timing, while Son has a powerful dribble. I would have to go with Salah in the end.

The question itself speaks volumes about Son Heung-min’s status. He’s on par with Mohamed Salah.

The publication says: “Mohamed Salah and Son Heung-min have been two of the most fierce rivals in the modern Premier League. They are two of the most potent goalscorers of the last decade, and while their careers are not directly comparable, their paths have been similar,” adding, “They were key players for Liverpool and Tottenham in the 2019 Champions League final, and have similar international careers in Egypt and South Korea.

“Heung-Min Son and Salah are two of the best players in the Premier League, and regardless of your preference, they’ve both been unbelievable,” he said, “Salah has scored more goals and lifted more trophies than Son in fewer seasons (compared to Son). Salah has the edge. However, that’s not to say that Son isn’t a world-class player and deserves to be recognized as the best left winger of the modern Premier League era.

The outlet concluded: ‘Both players are really good. You can argue endlessly about their comparative superiority. It’s good to appreciate what they have done for Spurs and Liverpool respectively over the years.

In other words, Salah may have the edge over Son in terms of records, but it’s a close one, emphasizing that both players are such good EPL legends that the debate is irrelevant.

Son Heung-min has been dogged by the ‘wallet controversy’, but he has moved beyond that stage. Local media are now labeling him a “legend” for his complete resurgence this season. He”s been compared to Liverpool”s absolute ace and the best striker in the league, Salah.


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