Yoon Kyung-yeop emphasized running baseball last year

LG Twins manager Yoon Kyung-yeop emphasized running baseball last year. We ran a lot, created a lot of chances, and struck out a lot.

LG was the No. 1 team in batting average. It was more disappointing to lose chances through stolen bases than to score runs. Fans criticized him for running when he knew the opponent would run, but he didn’t stop running throughout the season. He would play aggressive baseball and keep playing even when he was out to make sure his players weren’t afraid. And it paid off in the end with a championship.

But the question is, will he continue to play in 2024? Last year, LG had a stolen base rate of just 62.2%. It was the worst among the 10 teams. They led the league in stolen bases with 166, but had a whopping 101 missed attempts. 카지노사이트 That’s a whopping 90 more than the Kiwoom Heroes’ 11, who had the fewest stolen bases. Kiwoom was last in stolen bases with 54, but first in success rate with 83.1%.

“We’re not going to change much this year”

The team will continue to play aggressive baseball like last year. “We are going to try to improve our efficiency by playing thinking baseball,” he said. “We’re going to try to steal fewer bases, but we’re going to try to steal more bases, and we’re going to try to get over 180.”

“We’re going to steal efficiently because they’ve had a year of experience,” Yeom said, “and they know we’re going to run because we’ve created awareness for a year. With us being recognized as a tricky team, we go for efficiency. If we have more successes than failures, we’re going to do more damage to them.”

Because the players have been thrown out trying to steal so many times, they will have learned the timing of when to run and when not to run, which will lead to more efficient stealing.

Hong Chang-ki, who had 23 successful stolen bases last year but also had 23 unsuccessful ones, said, “There were times when I ran too much when I shouldn’t have,” adding, “There were also times when I went when the sign came up and it was too late to start. When the timing was late, I went even though I shouldn’t have, and I think I need to improve on that.”

Yeom also expected to see fewer errors. Last year, players who started full-time for the first time, such as first baseman Austin and second baseman Shin Min-jae, 온라인카지노사이트 made some mistakes, but as they stabilized, he believes they will improve this year. “Now that Austin and Shin have settled in, there will be fewer mistakes,” Yeom said. “There will be fewer failures in the details. We can win five more games in errors and stolen bases. It’s about how many more wins we can get through the details.”

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