Doosan Bears players gather to nurture the next generation

Former Doosan Bears players gather to ‘nurture the next generation’.

Recently, Gangneung Go has hired a new coaching staff. They appointed Sung Young-hoon as pitching coach and Choi Yong-je as battery coach. Coach Kim Jong-won is in charge of the outfield.

Players who failed to blossom at Doosan have gathered in Gangneung. Gangneung High is a school that has established itself as a “prestigious school” by producing players such as Cho Sun-soo (Doosan), Kim Jin-wook (Lotte), Yuk Cheong-myeong (KT), and Cho Dae-hyun (KIA).

Sung was a sore thumb for Doosan. After joining the Doosan Bears as a first-round pick in 2009, Sung was touted as a hard-throwing prospect with a fastball that reached 150 kilometers per hour.

He was even named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) 바카라사이트 at the 2008 World Youth Baseball Championship.

However, he was unable to capitalize on his heaven-sent talent because of the rigors of the game.

A 2-0 record and a 3.38 ERA in nine games in his rookie year led to expectations of what was next, but he tore a ligament in his elbow while pitching in Game 4 of the 2010 playoffs against the Samsung Lions.

After surgery, he worked as a social worker to help with military issues, but this time it was his shoulder that gave him trouble. In 2013, he began experiencing shoulder pain, which led to arthroscopic shoulder surgery in 2015.

After a long rehabilitation tunnel, he was activated to the roster on May 20, 2017, and went straight to the mound and threw one scoreless inning, but back pain kept him off the roster again.

After five games in the Futures League, the elbow pain returned. Another surgery. Eventually, Doosan made a decision.

They removed Sung from the disabled list that year and did not re-sign him.

Although he didn’t blossom on the mound, he had been helpful in the second team, passing on his know-how to younger players who were rehabbing. He will pass on his experiences from success to failure to the players in college baseball.

Battery Coach Choi Yong-je joined Doosan as a developmental player in 2014. He became an official player in 2016 and was paired with Dustin Nippert in his first game. He showed off his batting talent by getting a hit in his first game.

In 2021, Choi showed his true colors. Although he was primarily a pinch-hitter, he batted 2-for-7 in 79 games. His pinch-hitting percentage was 4%, making him a reliable hitter in clutch situations.

Having played for Doosan, 토토사이트 순위 a franchise that has produced some of the best catchers in the game, including Yang Ji (Doosan) and Park Se-hyuk (NC), he is expected to bring unique catching know-how to the table.

Although he hung up his jersey as a professional player without making his first-team debut with Doosan, Kim Jong-won, who experienced the professional development process firsthand in the Miyazaki Education League, will help Yasujin grow.

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