‘The Strongest’ KCC Aegis, First Greeting in Busan

‘The Strongest’ KCC Aegis, First Greeting in Busan… Set Sail with a Clear Ambition to Win

Chang-young Jeong, Woong Heo, Jun-yong Choi, and Jeong-hyeon Seo reveal new uniforms

Busan City responds by saying, “We have the only men’s and women’s basketball teams in the country… Expanding basketball infrastructure.”

KCC Egis, who moved from Jeonju to Busan,

began their voyage by greeting Busan basketball fans with a ‘resolve to win’.

Busan KCC Aegis

On the 25th, the Busan KCC Egis home ground agreement ceremony and basketball team departure ceremony were held at Sajik Indoor Stadium in Busan.

At the departure ceremony, which is the first greeting to basketball fans at Busan KCC,

players Chang-young Jeong, Woong Heo, Jun-yong Choi,

Jeong-hyeon Seo unveiled their new uniforms. 바카라사이트

Next, coach Jeon Chang-jin, coach Lee Sang-min,

other players spent time interacting with the 1,000 fans who visited the stadium by answering questions.

When asked by fans about his promise to win, coach Jeon said, “I will quit if I don’t win the championship.

I think it’s my last time and I want to play great basketball.”

The catchphrase of Busan KCC Egis this season is ‘the strongest.’

Next, a location agreement ceremony was held with Busan City.

Mayor Park Hyeong-jun

Jeong Jae-hoon, owner of KCC Egis, expressed his ambition, saying, “It was really difficult for KCC Egis to come to Busan,

but we will do our best to become a club that Busan citizens can love and be proud of through bold investment and player development in cooperation with Busan City.”

Busan City’s vision is to ‘Jump Up Busan again with basketball by rebounding’.

Busan Mayor Park Hyeong-jun said, “As Busan is the only region in the country with men’s and women’s basketball teams,

we will continue to do our best to expand basketball facilities and revitalize everyday basketball,” and added, “We will create Busan where all three major sports,

including basketball, baseball, and soccer, are loved.” “he said.

The BNK women’s basketball team, which shares the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium,

welcomed the KCC Egis players by giving them a bouquet of flowers.

Busan City decided to establish a new Busan-style I-League,

expand the number and scale of youth basketball competitions against existing clubs,

focus on nurturing aspiring basketball players through the public and private sectors together in line with the establishment of KCC’s direct sports club.

In addition, they plan to expand the size of the Beginner competition, establish a new 3 revealed.

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