Asian Games Shooting Director, Dramatic Gold Medal

[Asian Games] ‘Dramatic Gold Medal’ Shooting Director: “It will get better in the future.”

“I was pushed all the time and fell into despair… I ask you to take it easy.”

“Ah…I shouldn’t be like this.

I’ll do the interview later.”

Korean Shooting Team

On the afternoon of the 25th, after the Korean shooting team won the gold medal in the men’s 10m running target team event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games,

Hong Seung-pyo, general manager of the shooting team,

met in the mixed zone (joint coverage area). 온라인카지노

I couldn’t easily open my mouth due to the overwhelming emotion.

The Korean national team had the same total score as second-place North Korea (1,668 points),

but took the gold medal ahead of them in the number of Inner Ten (10 points, dead center).

The North Korean athlete, who was last in line in the game,

received a much lower score than expected, dramatically pushing out North Korea,

who had been in first place, to win the gold medal.

Hong Seung-pyo

General Manager Hong said, “Because the players’ (competition records)

were much different than their practice records,

there was no way to take any measures or do anything.

I was in despair, but as a coach, I did not show that, and if I make a mistake, I can make a mistake.”

“Because of the situation, I watched and prayed until the end.”

He went on to explain, “Our players have high skills during practice,

but they lack a bit of international experience and such,

so I think they have a handicap from there,” and added, “I asked them to be more relaxed about tomorrow’s mixed event.”

General Manager Hong said of North Korea, who competed, “There are aspects of the players that are shrouded in mystery, and (we) were completely defeated at the 2018 Changwon World Championships.”

Korean shooting aims to win three gold medals in this competition.

General Manager Hong Seung-pyo smiled and said, “I will do my best in the remaining games thanks to the encouragement of today’s gold medal.

I think things will go better now.”

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