War-related limb loss causes comparable damage to WWI.

As many as 50,000 Ukrainians may have lost limbs in the fight against the Russian invasion.

The Wall Street Journal, a U.S. newspaper, reported on Monday that figures from hospitals, aid organizations, prosthetic limb companies, and others have been compiled to make this
from hospitals, aid organizations, and prosthetic companies.

That’s on par with the losses in Germany or Britain during World War I.

During World War I, when amputations were the only way to keep the wounded from dying, an estimated 67,000 Germans and
41,000 British had an arm or leg amputated.

Germany’s Ottobock, the world’s largest prosthetics manufacturer, based on government and medical data.
estimated the number of Ukrainian amputees as a result of the war at around 50,000.

The Hoop Foundation, a charity in Kiev, Ukraine, estimated the number of severely wounded from the war at 200,000, with about 10 percent of severe wounds typically requiring amputation.

Some say this reflects the nature of the war, with Russia indiscriminately lobbing landmines, artillery, and drone strikes at civilians as well as soldiers.

Worse, the severely wounded can’t get prosthetic arms and legs right away, and need aid organizations to get them, which can cost as much as $55,000, or $70 million in our money.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Ukrainian government is providing some compensation, but many patients are still struggling to pay for treatment.

What’s more, 카지노사이트킴 Ukraine’s hospitals are overwhelmed, and while patients are supposed to receive their prosthetic limbs within three months at the latest.
but many are having to wait more than a year.

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