LG Austin wins All-Star Home Run Derby, defeats Ferrazza in extended play

Two sudden death wins. LG player wins first title in 8 years

Austin Dean doing a ceremony

LG Twins’ foreign hitter Austin Dean won the All-Star Home Run Derby after two twists and turns in sudden death overtime.

Austin and Hanwha Eagles’ Yonatan Peraza hit four home runs each in the final of the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO All-Star Game Eve Home Run Derby held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 5th, and then won in the sudden death style extra innings where they alternated hitting once each.

Austin, who won the Home Run Derby for the first time in eight years as an LG player, received a trophy, 5 million won in prize money, and an LG CineBeam Cube, while Ferrazza, who came in second, received a trophy and 1 million won in prize money.

KT Wiz foreign hitter Mel Rojas Jr., who hit a 130m home run in the preliminary round, received the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 as the prize for the distance.

Austin was the fourth of eight players to hit a total of four home runs in the seven-out qualifying round.

Ferrazza led the league with nine home runs, followed by Austin and Kim Do-young (KIA Tigers) tied for second.

Austin and Kim Do-young went into a sudden-death overtime match, taking turns hitting, to decide who would advance to the final.

Austin was first up to bat and hit a left-field home run off a pitch thrown by LG’s first-team manager, Seo In-seok.

Kim Do-young, who came up to bat next, failed to hit a home run, and Austin advanced to the finals. 메이저사이트

Austin struck first in the 10-out final against Peraza.

He hit two home runs after recording two outs, but unfortunately failed to add another home run when his next hit hit the top of the center field fence.

He added a left-field home run in the fourth to bring his total to four, then recorded six outs to end the game.

Ferrazza hit a home run with frightening momentum.

He hit four home runs while recording five outs.

The situation was that if they hit one home run in the remaining five chances, they would win the game.

After hitting a big ball to left with five outs, he celebrated by raising both arms high as if he sensed it was a home run.

But the ball hit the top of the wall and came out.

Ferrazza then hit another big ball to left, but it went outside the pole and was ruled out.

After missing two home runs, Ferrazza finished the race without adding another home run.

Austin, who survived the brink of defeat, cheered with his LG teammates, while Ferrazza lowered his head as if he had been defeated. 토토사이트

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