TOP U13 teams meet briefly as foes, but each prove themselves with an ace in the hole

TOP Basketball Class of 2011 varsity team members met as enemies. Although they wore different uniforms, their presence was still felt on the court.

The third day of the ‘Division League with Jungkwanjang Red Boosters & TOP Basketball Classes’ was held on Sunday, September 9, at Jungkwanjang Arena in Anyang. The final day of the tournament was headlined by the TOP Basketball Classroom’s Middle 1 and Middle 3 divisions.

The 1st Division was divided into seven groups and played in a league format. As the groups were seeded according to skill, 먹튀검증 there were fierce battles for promotion and relegation.

Aside from the tournament’s promotion system, there was another reason for the team to be so competitive. The team was composed of members of the 2011 varsity team, which has won numerous national championships and has established itself as the belly of the TOP Basketball Classroom. They split up and played against each other in different uniforms.

CEO of TOP Basketball Class Kim Siwan said, “Like the national basketball team, all the members of the varsity team have their own classes and participate in additional varsity activities. It is a system where friends in the varsity team enjoy playing basketball with friends in the hobby class, and in addition, they also play the varsity team in parallel to learn more systematic basketball such as the national competition.”

As Kim said, Kim Jae-won, Go Eun-sung, Jeon Jin-woo, Jeon Seo-jin, Kim Sung-hyun, Choi Min-joon, and Nam Hyung-do, the main players of the TOP Basketball Classes’ Ansan, Siheung, and Incheon middle school varsity teams, led their classes in pairs or alone. They put aside their roles on the national team and fought for the title as the team’s aces.

In the end, Kim Jae-won and Lee Seok-chan, the one-two punch of the national team, won the championship as a team, and Go Eun-sung also enjoyed a dramatic victory. Jeon Seo-jin and Choi Min-joon led their respective teams to runner-up finishes. Kim Jae-won made it a double celebration by taking home Group MVP honors.

“We were the national team, so we had to make things happen on offense,” said Kim Jae-won, who proved his presence by winning MVP of the highest level group in the middle school division. However, on defense, I thought it was more important to maintain balance with my friends than to stand out. I think the difference is that the hobby class is about having fun and enjoying basketball with friends, while the varsity team learns offensive skills and team defense in more detail and systematic movements. Last year was both satisfying and disappointing, so this year we will do our best to achieve good results for both the varsity team and the club team.”

The TOP Basketball Class of 2011 made its presence felt by performing well in various national and Asian competitions last year. After being scattered for a while and competing against each other in their own tournaments, they are now reunited and preparing to take on the strongest teams in the country.

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