Joel Jin from boys’ high school 10.47 seconds, Noh Yun-seo from middle school girls 11.95 seconds KBS Boat 100m Competition New

Namadi Joel Jin wins the KBS High School Men’s 100m Championship, setting a new competition record

Promising Korean track and field athletes Namadi Joel Jin (18, Gimpo Science and Technology High School) and Noh Yun-seo (15, Geumpa Middle School) set a new record in the 100m competition at the KBS Cup National Track and Field Championships.

Joel Jin crossed the finish line in 10.47 seconds in the men’s high school 100m final at the 52nd KBS National Athletics Championships held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongbuk on the 3rd.

Although it fell short of his own Korean high school record of 10.36 seconds, he shortened the competition record of 10.50 seconds set by Lee Jae-seong in 2019 by 0.03 seconds.

Im Si-won (Busan Educational High School) took second place with 10.69 seconds, and Kim Dong-jin (Daegu Physical Education High School) took third place with 10.72 seconds.

Joel Jin, who we met after the game, said, “I trained hard last winter. I’m not satisfied with today’s record, but I recorded a better record than the KBS time (10 seconds 67 seconds) in May last year.” He added, “I set a personal best record (10 seconds) in August last year. 36), and we will be able to set an even better record this summer.” 카지노사이트

Joel Jin’s goal for this season is to ‘get into the top 10s’.

Coincidentally, in August, which Joel Jin is waiting for, the World Junior Athletics Championships (under 20 years old) will be held in Lima, Peru.

He said, “I want to beat who I was last year. I also want to compete properly with players my age.”

The opponent Joel Jin is watching closely is Puripol Bunson, also known as the ‘Thai Bolt.’

Born in 2006, Bunson, who is the same age as Joel Jin, has a personal best record of 10.06 seconds.

Joel Jin said, “The gap with Bunson is still large, but I am also shortening my record. I will further reduce the gap.”

Joel Jin was born to a Korean mother and Nigerian father. His father is a former track and field long jumper.

Joel Jin’s parents got married in Nigeria, but soon settled in Korea and had a precious son.

Joel Jin, who worked as a child actor and appeared on TV, entered track and field in the 5th grade of elementary school and decided early on that he wanted to become a member of the national team.

Although he is not yet a complete player, as he shows weaknesses at the start, Joel Jin is growing at a tremendous speed.

Korean track and field hopes for Joel Jin to enter the top 9.

Joel Jin confidently said, “My life goal is to surpass senior Kim Kook-young’s Korean record (10.07 seconds) in my early 20s, and then enter the 9 second range.”

In the middle school girls’ 100m final, Noh Yun-seo won with a new competition record of 11.95 seconds.

Noh Yun-seo crossed the finish line first, beating Kim Seo-hyeon (Wolbae Middle School) with 12.15 seconds, and also surpassed Shim Ha-won’s competition record of 12.03 seconds set in 2017.

The gap is not large with the Korean record for middle school women’s school of 11.88 seconds (Lee Seon-ae in 2009).

Noh Yun-seo shyly said, “My previous personal best was 12.19 seconds. My goal this year was to break into the 11-second mark, and I achieved that goal in my first competition this year. I was surprised when I saw my record, too.”

Now Yoon-seo Noh can adjust her goal upward.

He said, “I want to enter the 11.8 range within this year.”

If Noh Yun-seo achieves her goal, the Korean record for the women’s middle school division could also change.

Noh Yun-seo said, “I want to work harder to become a member of the national team,” and pledged, “I will become a player who participates in major international competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships.”

On this day, Lee Yong-moon (Seocheon County Office) took the top spot in the men’s college/general division 100m final with a time of 10.42 seconds.

Yoo Jeong-mi (Andong City Hall), whose main event is the long jump, won the women’s college/general division 100m final with a time of 11.91 seconds. 안전 슬롯사이트

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