Gyrotonic master Debra Rose shares method’s effects in Korea

Debra Rose, front row center, founder emeritus of San Francisco Gyrotonic,  poses with participants after a special lecture at the Art Pilates in Gangnam District, Seoul. Courtesy of Seoul Cyber University

Debra Rose, founder emeritus of San Francisco Gyrotonic, visited Korea from April 30 to May 17 to teach a master trainer course for Pilates, emphasizing the positive impact of such exercises on well-being and happiness. The Gyrotonic Expansion System, created by Juliu Horvath in the 1980s, focuses on enhancing spinal movement in three dimensions. This system aims to increase the functional mobility of the spine while building strength and flexibility in the surrounding muscles.Rose, who became one of the first Gyrotonic master trainers after meeting Horvath, played a significant role in developing the course curricula and syllabi. She established San Francisco Gyrotonic in 1988.She visited Korea at the invitation of Jun Hong-Jo, a chair professor at Seoul Cyber University and the founder of Art Pilates.”I am thankful to Jun for creating Art Pilates, a studio where people can practice both Pilates and the Gyrotonic method, and for inviting me to teach her amazing staff these past ten years,” Rose said.

She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to teach instructors and was honored to assist those working with the Gyrotonic method. This year, professor Jun invited her to conduct a master class at Seoul Cyber University.Rose remarked that it was thrilling to see the spectacular facilities and gain insight into their cutting-edge course curricula.”They are one of the premier facilities for online learning in the world, and I am always excited to bring the Gyrotonic method into new spaces. It was a privilege to teach classes in that establishment,” she said. After years of studying, practicing and teaching the Gyrotonic method, Rose has witnessed its growth across the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.She noted that Gyrotonic is expanding globally, including in Korea, emphasizing its efficacy in producing desired results for those who dedicate the right amount of time in the practice.”The work changes people. They feel better in their bodies, and that increases happiness,” she said.Rose’s aspiration for the Gyrotonic community in Korea is to witness increased utilization of the system across numerous accessible studios.”People of any age and shape, whether injured, dancers, athletes or those who work at a desk all day, can all feel better in their body after 슬롯사이트 trying a Gyrotonic session,” she said.

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