Juri Ohara defeats Park Jong-heon in overtime… “I want a title fight,” he says

Juri “Iron Spider” Ohara defeated Jong-Hun “Hunter” Park in a close fight.

The two fighters went to extra rounds in their lightweight bout at the main event of Black Combat Rise 02 in Osan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The overtime rounds were scored 3-0 (10-9, 10-9, 10-9).

For 15 minutes of the third round, there was no clear winner. Jongheon Park took control of the bout with kicks and takedowns, but was deducted a point for a second-round robbery.

The remaining five minutes of the match would decide the outcome. Park Jong-heon seemed to have the advantage when he scored a takedown on Juri Ohara and took the back position.

However, Juri Ohara gritted his teeth and escaped, then unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks on Park Jong-heon to turn the tide.

The three judges, who saw multiple strikes land, awarded 10 points to Juri Ohara and 9 points to Park Jong-heon after the overtime round.

“I’m so happy, all my hard work paid off,” Ohara said after the victory, thanking the Korean fans for their support.

He then called for a rematch with champion Lee “Pierrot” Song-ha. “I’m the only one (challenging), right? Mr. Black, I’m asking for a title fight,” he said.

Park Jong-heon expressed his disappointment with the decision. “I don’t think it was just the content of the fight, but also the atmosphere in the arena. I would be disappointed if the decision was based on who would get more Black Combat views,” he said.

Park said he was forced to modify his strategy after the first round when he realized he had broken his right index finger. “They said I didn’t have a punch, but I have two fists,” he said with a laugh.

‘Black Combat Rise 02’ went to seven matches on this day.

Joon Yong “Misty Satan” Cho won the first bout by taking Weaver Mensch Lee to the ground. The striker stole an early takedown from Lee and then 사설토토 moved to full mount to finish the fight with a baptism of fire. TKO via ground and pound at 4:37 of the first round.

Jo Joon Yong had won three straight fights before suffering a TKO loss to Park Jong Heon last November. This win gives him a chance to get back on track without falling into a losing streak. He improved his record to 7 wins and 10 losses.

Seigo “Rocky” Yamamoto won via six-second knockout, the fastest time in Black Combat. He landed a flying knee at the start of the first round to drop Lee “Gambler” Sungchul and followed up with a flurry of punches to finish the fight.

Riding a two-fight winning streak following Black Combat 10 in January, Seigo Yamamoto hopes to compete at Black Combat 11 in Busan in July.

Lee Sung-cheol was in tears, although he didn’t understand the referee’s decision to stop the fight.

Lim “Lilshta” Jae-yoon earned his first professional victory with a 3-0 decision over Lee “Revenant” Min-hyuk. He was wary of Lee’s strikes, but was able to wrestle his way to points, which led to his victory.

“Give me a fight with champion Yoo Chan Son right away or whoever you want in July,” said Lim, who was fighting his first fight since moving down to his home weight class of featherweight.

In the heavyweight division, Myung Hwan “Mammoth” Kim unleashed a barrage of punches to earn a TKO victory over Masashi “White Tiger” Inada at 4:50 of the second round. Kim won the clinch, scored a takedown, and finished the fight with ground-and-pound from top position.

Kim, who is now 8-1 as a pro, said he planned for a physical battle, and added, “I want an American powerhouse in the future. I want to fight Rocky Martinez.”

Park Tae-ho “Enchobi” Park, who dropped down to flyweight from bantamweight, defeated Sung Nak-jung “Garinsha” Sung with a 3-0 decision and demanded a fight with Jung Won-hee “Fighting Dog” Jung, saying, “I want to fight an old dog.

Sung’s coaching staff was unhappy with the decision. They shouted for him to come down from the cage, and when he refused to do so, he escaped to the waiting room.

Jeon “Changu” Soo-min defeated Yuko “Main Buu” Matsuura via second-round armbar submission to make her professional debut.


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