Debate heats up over commuters who do makeup on subway


Whether or not it is appropriate to apply face makeup on the subway is drawing heated debate.The discussion was ignited by a post on a local portal, where one user voiced their complaint.”Let’s cause minimal inconvenience,” the user said. “Putting on makeup on the subway is impolite behavior in a public place.”Their sentiments struck a chord with many, echoing the frustration of those who encounter such behavior during their daily commute. “It’s not just casually drawing eyebrows. Putting on makeup on the subway is impolite,” the user added.

However, not everyone shared this view. Some commuters empathized with the perceived necessity of multitasking in today’s fast-paced world.”How busy must one be to resort to that? I understand,” another user said in response.The discussion underscores wider worries about manners and thoughtfulness in public areas, especially during the busy morning rush.”Subway makeup is not just about applying cosmetics; it’s about respecting fellow passengers,” the original poster said. “If we simply show consideration and respect for each other, this 토토사이트 problem can be easily resolved.”

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