Professional Baseball Futures League Opens on March 26th

Professional Baseball Futures League Opens on March 26th… A Total of 650 Games

The 2024 KBO Futures League will be held on the 26th of next month at 1 p.m. in Icheon (Doosan Bears-LG Twins),

Seosan (SSG Landers-Hanwha Eagles), Hampyeong (Samsung Lions-KIA Tigers),

Mungyeong (KT Wiz-Sangmu), and Sangdong (NC). Dinos-Lotte Giants) opens at five stadiums. 스포츠토토

Like last year, this year’s Futures League will be divided into two leagues,

the North (Hanwha, Doosan, LG, SSG, Goyang Heroes) and the South (Sangmu, Lotte, KT, NC, Samsung).

The Northern League has 20 games (home, 10 away games), and the Southern League,

excluding Sangmu, has 18 games (home, 9 away games).

Sangmu will play 16 games (8 home, 8 away).

Including the interleague schedules against teams from other leagues,

both the Northern and Southern leagues will have 118 games per team (120 games per team) for a total of 650 games until October 5th.

Futures League

Futures League match start time is 1pm.

From July 9 to August 25, during the summer league period,

all games will be played at 6 PM to protect players and improve performance during hot weather.

If a game is canceled due to rain, etc., it will be organized as a double header the next day,

excluding hot weather, and only 7 innings will be played in both the first and second games.

The overtime shootout will also be held the same way this season.

If the score is tied at the end of the 9th inning, a shootout begins in the 10th inning until the winner is decided.

In the Futures League, the venue for some games may change depending on stadium conditions.

During the summer league, games will also be played at stadiums in Incheon, Gocheok, Daegu, Busan, Chuncheon, and Ulsan.

In this year’s KBO Futures League, the pitch clock rule will be implemented in earnest to speed up the game.

A pitcher’s mandatory opponent of three batters and a limit on defensive shifts will also be implemented,

and a new, larger base will be installed in the stadium.

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