Won Yun-jong (38), Korea’s first Winter Olympics bobsled medalist, began the ‘second chapter of his bobsled life’ with the dream of becoming an administrator.Won Yun-jong, who is participating in the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games (Gangwon 2024) as an Athlete Role Model (ARM) designated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said at the Alpensia Sliding Center in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do on the 22nd, “Now we are heading towards the future and towards the next generation. “I thought it was right to move on,” he said, adding that he decided to retire as a player several months ago.In 2010, when he was attending Sungkyul University’s Department of Physical Education, he saw a poster for the national sledding team selection posted at school, and out of curiosity, he applied for the selection competition and passed. He started his career as an athlete and has been a leading figure in Korean bobsledding.At the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, he led the four-man silver medal as a pilot for the national team, becoming Asia’s first Olympic bobsled medalist, and also participated in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Afterwards, last season, he mainly played a role in helping juniors improve their skills, but although he never made an official announcement, he decided not to continue his career as a player. Won Yun-jong said, “It seemed like I was at a point where my performance was gradually declining, and I couldn’t ignore the injuries I had been constantly dealing with. I was worried because it was difficult to train, but now that my juniors are coming up, it’s important to pass on know-how and support them from behind.” “I thought it was right,” he explained.He participates in the Board of Directors as an athlete representative of the Korean Sports Council Athletes’ Committee and is also active in the International Bobsled and Skeleton Federation (IBSF) Athletes’ Committee, and is planning a career in sports administration.Won Yun-jong said, “I think it is important to help juniors, so I am interested in the development of our federation and Korean sports. I am preparing for the future by gaining experience in administration.”

In that sense, participating in Gangwon 2024 as ARM, which serves as a ‘mentor’ for players, is a valuable experience for him.Won Yun-jong said, “When athletes ask questions about performance or psychological issues, we answer them and provide various advice through lectures and seminars.” He added, “I learn by meeting officials from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Korea Sports Council and watching competition organization and administrative support.” “It is also an opportunity,” he said.He smiled and said, “I think there is a big difference between having this experience and not having it in adolescence. I started playing sports in my mid-20s, but I am also envious of the players who competed here because they started at a younger age and came to this position.” . In this competition, Korean bobsledders include Jae-hwan Jae-hwan of the men’s division and Si-yeon Choi (Sangji Daegwallyeong High School) of the women’s division.

He watched the women’s monobob match held at the Alpensia Sliding Center that day and said, “This is my first time watching a match from the stands. When I compete in person, I concentrate without thinking about anything after the start, but watching from the outside makes me even more nervous because I have to constantly be on edge.” “He cheered, saying, “I hope the players don’t get hurt and achieve good results.”He continued, “When I started, I had no foundation at all. I had to focus on training and body management, but only by maintaining a balanced nutritional intake can I improve my performance and overall performance. It is important to increase the weight in stages so as not to harm your health.” He didn’t forget to give advice, saying, “Do it.”Won Yun-jong said, “I wondered if a big international race could be held at this track again, and I came back after 6 years. I feel a new emotion that I can’t explain in words.” 카지노사이트킹 “If I can help, that would be grateful,” he emphasized.

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