Lee Seung-yeop gets full support from his ‘mentor’

Doosan head coach Lee Seung-yeop gets full support from his ‘mentor’.

The Doosan Bears lost six coaches after last year’s season. Kim Joo-chan, assistant first base coach, Ko Young-min, first base coach, Jeong Soo-sung, first base coach, Jeong Jae-hoon, second base coach, Kim Woo-seok, second base coach, and Yoo Jae-shin, second base coach, left for new teams.

Kim Joo-chan, Ko Young-min, and Yoo Jae-shin joined the Lotte Giants under former Doosan manager Kim Tae-hyung, while Jung Jae-hoon became the first-team pitching coach for the KIA Tigers. Kim Woo-seok, who was well-regarded for his defense, moved to the Hanwha Eagles as a defensive coach. Jung Soo-sung will be coaching the LG Twins.

After finishing the 2022 season in ninth place, Doosan parted ways with Kim Tae-hyung, who led the team for eight years, and hired Lee Seung-yeop. 온라인카지노 The team finished the regular season in fifth place, qualifying for the fall baseball season once again, but it’s a new ballgame once again.

Before the final camp

Lee said, “It’s natural to leave in professional life. Some people will come in as coaches, and some positions will change.” “We’re not trying to finish fifth. We want to play well, play high, and be satisfied. (The new coaches) have to be helpful and have a good chemistry. We’re going to think about it carefully and finalize the coaching staff.”

The new coaching staff has also been outlined. Doosan hired off-season pitching coach Cho Woong-chun, as well as coaches Park Heung-sik, Jo In-sung, and Kim Dong-han.

Of these, Park Heung-sik has a special connection to Lee Seung-yup. After retiring, Coach Park served as a hitting coach and second-team manager for Samsung, KIA, Nexen, and Lotte, among others, and produced some of the KBO’s biggest hitters.

Lee, who holds the record for most active home runs (467), is also a priest. Coach Park helped develop Lee from 1996 to 2003. Park also brought out the best in Byung-ho Park during his time with the Nexen.

Park’s move to Doosan came at the request of Lee. He felt that the team could benefit from his experience in the batting department as well as in the overall organization.

After the signing, the team also confirmed the coaching staff.

Doosan announced the appointments of the first and second team coaching staffs on Friday. Park will assist Lee as an assistant coach.

The move was a natural progression. Kim Han-soo, who was previously the head coach, will move to the hitting coach position, while Main Hitting Coach Goto Koji will take over as the third base coach.

The first team is led by Lee Seung-yeop and consists of Park Heung-sik as head coach, Cho Woong-chun and Park Jung-bae as pitching coaches, Kim Han-soo and Lee Young-soo as hitting coaches, Cho Sung-hwan as defense coach, Goto Koji as operations (third base) coach, Jung Jin-ho as first base coach, Serizawa Yuji as battery coach, and Chun Jong-min, Cho Kwang-hee, and Yoo Jong-soo as training coaches.

The Futures (second team) will be led by Lee Jung-hoon, with pitching coaches Kwon Myung-chul, Kim Sang-jin, and Kim Ji-yong, hitting coach Lee Do-hyung, fielding coach Kang Seok-cheon, offense and infield coach Kim Dong-han, 실시간 바카라사이트 and battery coach Kim Jin-soo.

Rehabilitation and residuals will be handled by coaches Cho In-sung, Chae Full-yeom, and Cho Kyung-taek, with support from training coaches Lee Kwang-woo and Lee Deok-hyun.

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