Ice speed Jeong Hee-dan, silver medal despite unexpected variables, “I had a fun experience”

Bad news that causes competitors to fall. Run calmly and win the women’s 500m silver medal Exercise due to the influence of my father, a former national wrestling team member. Korea’s first medal in ice speeding

Jeong Hee-dan, speed skating 500m silver medal

Korea’s Jeong Hee-dan, who won the silver medal in the women’s 500m speed skating competition at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games held at the Gangneung Speed ​​Skating Rink in Gangwon-do on the 22nd, is holding the Taegeukgi and greeting the audience.

Hee-dan Jeong (16, Seon-sago), who overcame the unexpected event of his opponent falling to win the silver medal, said, “I tried to stay calm and focus on the race.” 카지노사이트

Jeong Hee-dan, a promising female sprinter, ranked second after Angel Dahlemann (39.28, Netherlands) in the women’s 500m speed skating at the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games (Gangwon 2024) held at the Gangneung Speed ​​Skating Rink on the 22nd, with a record of 39.64 seconds. After winning, he said, “I’m a little disappointed with the silver medal, but I’m very grateful just to be on the podium.”

He added, “I was a little embarrassed when my opponent didn’t show up in the section from the out course to the in course,” adding, “But it didn’t really affect my race.”

Hee-dan Jeong ran against Jeannine Rosner of Austria in Group 15.

Rosner slipped and fell before the 100m section and gave up the race, and Hee-dan Jeong competed alone for the remainder of the race.

In speed skating, which is a record competition, competing athletes running together are an important factor.

If you compete fiercely with your opponent, you can shorten your record.Sometimes the opposing player blocks the wind.

Rosner’s fall was the worst bad news for Jeong Hee-dan.

However, Hee-dan Jeong won the valuable silver medal without much hesitation.

It was difficult to find any regrets about not being able to win the gold medal from Jeong Hee-dan.

He smiled brightly and said, “It was my first time playing a game with so many spectators cheering, so it was a great help. It was a very fun experience.”

He continued, “I am honored to be able to run at the stadium where the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics were held, especially with Lee Sang-hwa (current Gangwon 2024 co-organizing committee chairman) watching.”

He said, “I watched the PyeongChang Olympics on TV when I started learning to skate about a year ago. At that time, I looked at the participating athletes with admiration. So today’s game was a good experience for me.”

Jeong Hee-dan, along with Lee Na-hyeon (Nowon High School), is a promising athlete who is considered the future of Korean women’s short-distance ice speed racing.

Jeong Hee-dan, who started exercising by inline skating as a child, switched to speed skating in the fourth grade of elementary school, and grew rapidly using his extraordinary athletic ability as a stepping stone.

Jeong Hee-dan’s explosive athletic ability was inherited from his father, Jeong Tae-gyun.

Tae-gyun Jeong is a former national wrestling representative who won the 2005 Asian Championships. 카지노사이트

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