The new class ‘Breaker’ is coming… ‘LostArk’ launches winter update

Smilegate unveiled the roadmap for the winter update of Lost Ark, one of its flagship IPs, at the ‘2023 Winter Showcase’ held at KINTEX in Ilsan on the 17th. The content that marked the beginning of the winter update is the new class ‘Breaker’, a new class of martial arts class set in the Anitsu continent in the game.

On the 20th, Smilegate added a major winter update and event to its MMORPG Lost Ark. The winter update starts with the new class ‘Breaker’. ‘Breaker’ is a new class in the Budo class, and is a character with a high impact that drives enemies crazy with its main weapon, the Heavy Gauntlet. Breakers use energy and impact energy, and consuming one resource recharges the other, requiring skill combinations that take this into account.

The Super Mokoko Express, which allows characters to grow super fast, is also back with enhanced benefits. During the event, which will run until March 13, 2024, players will receive a “Jumping Ticket” that will take a designated character straight to Item Level 1460, and after that, players will receive various rewards to help them grow, allowing them to quickly advance to Level 1,580.

In particular, this tier is characterized by reduced materials and costs for refining, increased success rates, and additional equipment such as Gems and Imprints. In addition, after reaching item level 1,580, players will receive additional rewards such as ‘Elixir’, ‘Dark Fire’, and ‘Tome of Judgment’ for every item level up to 1620, allowing them to enter the top tier.

Meanwhile, at the ‘2023 Winter Showcase’ held on the 17th, a variety of winter content was unveiled, including ‘Breaker’, which was well-received by users. Director Jeon Jae-hak, who will take over from CCO Geum Geum-sun, the father of Lost Ark, and lead the new future of Lost Ark, personally revealed the winter roadmap.

According to Jae-hak, ‘LostArk’ will focus on vertical content based on various forms of ‘raids’ starting this winter. Three new raids were unveiled at the showcase, including the Kzeroth Raid, Epic Raid, and Assault Raid.

“Kha’zeroth Raid” brings to life the epic battle against Kha’zeroth, the Lord of the Abyss and ruler of the Legionnaires in the LostArk universe, in a raid format. Epic Raids will feature massive battles for up to 16 players simultaneously. Finally, “Assault Raids” will be a new format that utilizes the existing continent of Akrasia as a battleground.

In addition to the raid plans, Jae-hak also shared updates on the new class, Breaker, and the new continent, Kurjan. The new continent, Kurzan, is the land where Cazeros is sealed and will be the site of a great war against the Demon Legion for the fate of Akrasia.

The team also revealed details about the eagerly anticipated new Super Awakening system and the update schedule. The Tertiary Awakening, which allows players to upgrade their characters to become even more powerful, will be updated in the summer of 2024 under the name Super Awakening. With the introduction of Super Awakening, existing Awakeners will be upgraded to Super Awakeners and will include two to three new skills per class. It will also introduce the Arc Passive system, which allows players to grant multiple buffs to their characters based on their choices.

Finally, we’re also making a number of usability improvements. We’re introducing a new Open Chat system for better communication, as well as a new Stylebook system that lets you show off your character’s customizations, or even apply your favorite customizations directly to your character. The ‘Sheet Music’ system, which allows adventurers to compose their own music and collaborate with other adventurers in the game, also stands out.

Jang Ji-gil, CEO of Smilegate RPG, said, “Starting with the new class ‘Breaker’ update, LostArk’s epic winter event begins. We hope that our users will have a fun and warm holiday season with ‘LostArk’ this winter.”


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