SSG Signs a Contract with Park Ji-hwan for 200 Million Won

SSG signs a contract with Park Ji-hwan for 200 million won… Lee Byung-gyu’s son Lee Seung-min is worth 130 million won

Professional baseball SSG Landers has signed contracts with 11 rookies for 2024.

Park Ji-hwan

On the 8th, SSG said, “We signed a contract with Ji-Hwan Park, an infielder from Sego High School,

who was selected in the first round, for a down payment of 200 million won. 카지노사이트

Ji-Hwan Park was evaluated as the biggest player among the fielders who participated in this draft.”

He is a future starting fielder with the triple strength of offense, defense, and defense.

In batting, he achieved consistent results this year with excellent contact ability, and in defense,

he showed excellent throwing ability with a strong arm.”

After signing the contract, Park Ji-hwan said, “After completing the contract,

I realize that I have now truly become a professional baseball player

“At the same time, I am nervous,” he said, adding,

“I will prepare hard in the future and do my best to join the first team as quickly as possible.”

SSG Landers

Lee Seung-min, the son of Samsung Lions head coach Lee Byeong-gyu,

will join SSG with a contract deposit of 130 million won.

Whimoon High School outfielder Seungmin Lee was drafted in the second round.

SSG said, “Lee Seung-min has excellent hitting.

In particular, he is evaluated as having the ability to handle breaking balls that exceeds the high school level.”

He added, “He is in excellent physical condition, so he is expected to improve his slugging ability.”

3rd round Ki-ho Park (Cheongju High School pitcher) and 90 million won,

4th round Choi Hyun-seok (Busan National University of Science and Technology pitcher) and 70 million won,

5th round Jung Jun-jae (Dongguk University infielder) and 60 million won,

6th round Jeong Hyeon-seung (Inha University outfielder) and 7th round Park Seong-bin (Korea Cyber ​​University of Foreign Studies) pitcher signed a contract for 50 million won each.

SSG will hold a new player orientation and induction ceremony at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa on the 28th.

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