SD Austerity Mode Will Kim Ha-seong Really be Traded

The bankruptcy of the broadcasting company and the ‘snowball’ of postseason failure are making Ha-seong Kim’s future unpredictable.

San Diego is currently in ‘austerity mode’. San Diego invested heavily without thinking about the future.  카지노사이트 순위

Fernanto Tatis Jr. (14 years, $340 million), Joe Musgrove (5 years, $100 million), Xander Bogaerts (11 years, $280 million), and Yu Darvish (6 years, $108 million).

Manny Machado (11 years, $350 million), and Jake Cronenworth (7 years, $80 million). I have spent a lot of money over the past three years without looking back.

The results were disastrous. Last year, advancing to the postseason and the National League Championship Series served as a catalyst to increase the investment amount, but faced unexpected aftereffects.

Last May, Diamond Sports Group, owner of Valley Sports, the club’s exclusive broadcaster, went bankrupt, unable to cover debts exceeding 1 trillion won, cutting off broadcasting rights income.

From 2013, broadcasting rights revenue, which was worth $60 million per year for 12 years for 20 years, was cut off, taking a serious financial hit.

Finally, last September, as short-term cash flow problems arose, an emergency loan of $50 million was taken.

And San Diego ranked third in the National League West Division with 82 wins and 80 losses this year, failing to advance to the postseason.

Long-term contracts without an exit strategy, the bankruptcy of the broadcasting company, and the profits that could have been made by advancing to the postseason all evaporated.

San Diego eventually enters fiscal austerity mode. Ahead of the start of this season, the total team salary reached $255 million, the highest in club history.

We are in a situation where we have to drastically reduce our huge household expenses.

Dennis Lin, a reporter in charge of San Diego for the North American sports media ‘The Athletic’, said on the 17th (Korean time),

San Diego is trying to reduce the total annual salary next season to below $200 million,’ and ‘Infielders Jake Cronenworth and Kim Ha-seong are eligible for trade. It was included.’

San Diego has already sent ‘prospective free agent’ Juan Soto, who is expected to earn more than $30 million in annual salary next year

to the New York Yankees, and has also sent outfielder Trent Grisham

who is likely to receive more than $3 million in annual salary next year after qualifying for salary arbitration.

Instead, they have received players who have not yet qualified for salary adjustment, have low salaries, or are promising players, such as Michael King

Drew Thorpe, Johnny Brito, Randy Vasquez, and Kyle Higashioka.

In addition, designated hitter Matt Carpenter, whose annual salary is $5.5 million next year

was also sent to the Atlanta Braves along with pitcher Lake Kerr in exchange for $1.5 million.

Players are leaving one by one. Kim Ha-seong is no exception to the trend of bomb sales.

Rather, the local atmosphere is that Kim Ha-seong is viewed as the most likely trade candidate. Ha-seong Kim’s annual salary next year is $8 million.

The current situation in San Diego is something that we want to reduce even this. In addition, since Ha-seong Kim can decline the mutual option and qualify as a free agent after this season, the right time for a trade can be seen as now.

On the 21st, reporter Bob Nightingale of ‘USA Today’ appeared on the live broadcast of the ‘Hog Watch’ channel

which covers San Diego news, and said, ‘Both Kim Ha-seong and Cronenworth are on the trade list, but I don’t think they will move,’ but he said, ‘San Diego can only spend an additional 20 to 25 million dollars. San Diego has a lot of space to fill.

We will hear more trade proposals related to Ha-Sung Kim. Ha-Sung Kim can definitely fill in the pieces the team needs.

He predicted, “He can only spend one more year, saving $8 million (about 10.4 billion won) while acquiring controllable young starting resources.”

San Diego local media outlet ‘East Village Times’ also said on the 18th, ‘San Diego’s roster needs reinforcement, and trading Kim Ha-seong could be the answer.

To reach $200 million with the current roster composition, an additional $50 million to $55 million must be spent. 

We need two starters, two outfielders, and a proven pitcher who can play a closing role,” he said, adding, “But we need to recruit as many players as we can for the budget, and we need to make concessions.”

The media then said, ‘Kim Ha-seong has become a player truly loved by fans over the past few seasons. “His style of play is infectious and he is loved by everyone,” he said.

His salary for the final season next year is $8 million.” Ha-Seong Kim

who will become a free agent at age 29, will receive a huge amount of money if he does not accept the $1 million mutual option in 2025.

He predicted that it would be difficult to renew a contract with Kim Ha-seong, who will demand more than $100 million in the free agent market after the end of next season.

In addition, ‘We must maximize his value now and obtain appropriate profits. That would save $10 million

including $8 million in salary next year and a $2 million buyout. “That money can be used to strengthen the roster,” he said, arguing that the team should be strengthened by trading Kim Ha-seong.

Of course, the media said, ‘Because Ha-seong Kim is a player who represents the soul of the team, he just needs to renew his contract or sign an extension.

Machado would not be happy if he was traded because he loves Ha-Sung Kim. “It’s called business

but chemistry has a big impact on winning and losing,” he said, emphasizing the need for Kim Ha-seong and adding, “San Diego will wait until the market calms down.

If you wait, you will be able to find a good player,” he said, as well as the outlook for Kim Ha-seong’s retention.

Ha-Sung Kim’s future is unclear, but what is certain is that San Diego must somehow reduce the total annual salary, and that Ha-Sung Kim currently has sufficient trade value and is a resource that all clubs covet.

The Boston Red Sox, who need to strengthen their infield, also want Kim Ha-seong. Jen McCaffrey

Boston reporter for ‘The Athletic’, quoted an article by Dennis Lin and emphasized that Ha-Sung Kim should be brought in through a trade, saying, ‘Ha-Sung Kim is a perfect fit for Boston’s defense and contract aspects.’

San Diego’s district rival, San Francisco, also claims that Ha-Seong Kim needs reinforcement. On the 19th

the ‘San Francisco Chronicle’ reported, ‘A trade is being considered to add a shortstop.

You could look into trading a player like Ha-Sung Kim of San Diego with a package that includes Joey Bart, one or two young pitchers, and the team’s surplus outfielders. He also expressed his opinion, saying, “Milwaukee’s Willy Adames could also be a potential target.”

Is Kim Ha-seong really leaving San Diego? If Ha-seong Kim leaves San Diego, the opening game of the MLB World Tour in Seoul, which will be held in March next year, will inevitably be disappointing. 

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