Returning national libero Moon Jung-won tops the team in receptions…”I’m trying to coordinate my offense with my setter”

Moon Jung-won wore a libero jersey in the offseason in 2023. She returned to her club, Korea Road Corporation, and is currently ranked first in the V-League in receptions. He’s also focused on improving his offense.

Jungwon Moon plays as a receiving attacker for her team. Now in her 13th season, Moon has 25 points in 36 sets in nine 현금홀덤사이트 V-League games in 2023-24.

He is doing his part on defense. He is currently the team’s leader in receptions. With 26.92% of the team’s receptions, Moon has a 54.59% receiving efficiency. Jungwon’s previous career high for receiving efficiency in a season was 56.94%. He’s posting similar numbers.

There are also changes. With the signing of Asian quarterback Tanacha Sooksot, the team went from a two-man receiving system to a three-man system. Moon Jung-won, veteran libero Lee Myeong-ok, and Tanacha make up the receiving lineup.

However, Moon Jung-won returned to the national team this year after playing libero during the offseason. Moon had her own concerns. “I was actually worried. I hadn’t been able to play offensively for a few months. I wanted to come back and contribute to the team, but after switching to the Mikasa ball, I realized I was lacking a lot. I’m trying to match the setters in practice. Also, the coach is telling me that I need to be more aggressive. There is pressure. But I’m trying to do it, and (Lee) Yoon Jung is giving me a lot of balls. I’m still trying to figure it out,” he explained.

The defending champions need to bolster their offense after veteran outside hitter Park Jung-ah and middle blocker Jung Dae-young left the team as free agents. Serbian big man Vanya Vukiric (real name Vukiric) has been on fire, and Tanacha has been slowly improving his offense. Moon Jung-won’s offense is also needed.

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