“Magic curve? I’m confident with my fastball, too.”

The magic curve of the Monsters, the strongest baseball team in the world, was embraced by his hometown. ‘Immediately powerful left-hander’ gets rave reviews.

Jeong Hyun-soo of the Lotte Giants was born and raised in Busan.

He was selected by Lotte in the second round (13th overall) of the rookie draft in September. It is the highest ranking among the Monsters members who emerged as the “eye of the typhoon” in the draft. He was not selected in the first draft he attempted after graduating from Busan High School, but he has since been recognized for his skills through Songwon University and Choi Kangwon Baseball.

“I remembered my high school days when I wasn’t drafted… I thought I could still play baseball, and that I should work harder. I remembered my parents, and they encouraged me, ‘This is the beginning, don’t be satisfied, go to a higher place.'”

Born in 2001, 먹튀검증토토사이트 Jeong started watching baseball in elementary school, when Lotte’s biggest stars were Lee Dae-ho and Song Seung-jun, especially in 2010, when Lee won seven batting titles.

“When I went to college, I thought, ‘This is the last time. Let’s play baseball without any regrets.” He was thrust into the spotlight when he joined the Monsters, a team full of left-handers and legends like Jang Won-sam and Oh Ju-won, and has been a mainstay pitcher ever since.

“He always emphasized the basics, and I learned a lot about mind control on the mound when it’s time to take a deep breath or when it’s a split-second crisis. There was a lot of advice that was a real treasure.”

Unlike the other rookies due to the national championships,

He only joined the second team on March 21. His roommate is fellow sixth-rounder Park Sung-joon.

Lotte insiders say he has a good natural fastball and delicate pitches, and that he can be used in the first team right away. For that, he will have to overcome competition from Kim Jin-wook and Hong Min-ki.

His main weapon is a fastball that reaches up to 144 kilometers. He also has a slider and a changeup. “Obviously, the pros have a smaller strike zone,” he said, “but I’m not a fireballer, but I’m confident in my command and location. I’m not a fireballer, but I’m confident in my command and my pitches.” He strengthened his resolve.

The interest in players from the strongest baseball teams is still close to ‘idols’. There is a big difference in temperature with existing baseball fans. “The passion for baseball, the love for me, is the same,” he laughs.

“The first thing is that I don’t have any injuries, and I’ll do my best to go up one step at a time without losing my focus. I’ll show you with actions rather than words.”

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