Liverpool’s VAR Misjudgment Audio Record Released

Liverpool’s VAR Misjudgment Audio Record Released… “The Game has to Stop!”

After mistaking the initial decision for onside, the VAR referee said, “Confirmation is complete.

It’s perfect.”

The referee understood that the initial decision was correct and restarted the game.

“The game must be stopped!”


A record of the ‘referee’s voice conversation’ from the English professional football Premier League (EPL) match between Liverpool and Tottenham,

where a controversy arose over a video review (VAR) misjudgment related to an offside decision, was released. 카지노

According to the BBC on the 4th (Korean time), the England Professional Match Referees (PGMPL)

released the entire audio record of the conversation between the referee and the VAR referee at the time of the offside decision in the 2023-2024 EPL 7th round match between Liverpool and Tottenham.

In this game, Liverpool succeeded in scoring near the right side of the goal area when Luis Dias caught Muhammad Salah’s penetration pass in the 34th minute of the first half,

but the assistant referee raised an offside flag.

Immediately after the goal, the VAR referees checked for offside by drawing a straight line between Dias’ position and the position of the Tottenham defense when the ball left Salah’s foot.

On the screen, Diaz’s position was perfectly onside.

Luis Dias

In this process, it was revealed that there was a miscommunication between the referee and the VAR referee.

The VAR referee misunderstood that Diaz’s goal was recognized as a goal in the initial decision,

told the referee, “Confirmation is complete.”

However, after hearing this, the referee decided that the offside call against Dias was correct,

invalidated the score, and restarted the game with Tottenham’s free kick.

When the game resumed, the VAR replay technician told the VAR referee,

site “The initial judgment was offside, not onside, and we had to check whether it was onside,” he said, adding, “The screen we checked was clearly onside.”

However, the game had already restarted, and the VAR referee despaired,

saying, “There is nothing we can do now.”

After a while, Son Heung-min scored a goal and the situation got out of hand.

PGMOL released the audio recording and bowed its head,

saying that this misjudgment was “the result of poor concentration and loss of concentration” and “a systematic weakness in the VAR process.”

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