Korean Shooting Wins Gold Medal in Men’s Running Target

[Asian Games] Korean Shooting Wins Gold Medal in Men’s Running Target Team Event… Comeback Victory Over North Korea

First win in history… North Korea misses out on first gold in Hangzhou due to mistake on last three shots

The Korean shooting team won the gold medal in the men’s 10m running target team event at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Korean National Team

The Korean national team, consisting of Jeon Yu-jin (Cheongju City Hall),

Ha Gwang-cheol (Busan City Hall), and Kwak Yong-bin (Chungnam Sports Council),

recorded 1,668 points in the men’s 10m running target team event in the shooting competition held at the Puyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 25th, 바카라사이트

scoring 1,668 points and 5 points. Ranked first among participating countries.

This is Korea’s first gold medal in shooting at this competition.

It is also the first time Korean shooting has won the 10m running target team event in the men’s and women’s categories in the history of the Asian Games.

South Korea had the same total score as second place North Korea (1,668 points), but the joys and sorrows were mixed in the number of Inner Ten (10 points dead center).

South Korea hit Inerten 39 times and North Korea hit Inner Ten 29 times.

Jeon Yu-jin

Jeon Yu-jin scored the most points in the team with 565 points,

followed by Kwak Yong-bin (554 points) and Ha Gwang-cheol (549 points).

Its Jeon Yu-bin, who tied for third place in individual performance,

won the shoot-off against Nguyen Tuan An (Vietnam) and won the individual bronze medal.

South Korea, which finished the game first that day,

won a ‘surprise gold medal’ as North Korea and Vietnam,

which were competing for the lead, suddenly collapsed in the second half.

In North Korea, Yoo Seong-jun gave up the tie to South Korea by slipping to 9, 7,

8 points in the 58th to 60th shots.

Seongjun Yoo scored 548 points, while Myeongwon Park and Gwangil Kwon shot 561 and 559 points, respectively.

Vietnam fell out of the rankings after Nguyen Kong Dau (Vietnam) hit 5 points in the last shot.

Running target is a sport where you hit a target that moves sideways like a game.

It is divided into normal events where the target speed is constant and mixed events where the speed varies randomly.

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