Veteran big man Kim Min-wook signed a free agent contract with Day One back in May, when Day One’s mismanagement was a hot topic. The Goyang Sono held the inauguration ceremony for the Goyang Sono Skygunners at Sonokam Goyang on the 20th, and Kim is now the veteran centre of the team. In an interview after the inauguration, Kim Min-wook said, “I came here to play basketball just to watch coach Kim Seung-ki, but I’m happy beyond words that the team has reestablished itself. I know that the gym is also under construction, and I’m looking forward to it.””I came to Sono because I wanted to be on the court, and I trusted the coach’s leadership,” said Kim Min-wook. “He only sees the player’s strengths and puts them on the court, and doesn’t let their weaknesses stand out,” he said, explaining Kim’s recipe. One of the things Kim asks of Kim Min-wook is defence.”He tells me to always be prepared in defence, and to be sensitive to the timing of my steals and the opponent’s reactions. I’m also being told to trap the opponent in the middle of the court when I play trap defence so that he can’t escape,” Kim said, adding, “I’m also trying to shoot my shots more carefully.” “The coach has strong words, but if he can make me more competitive on the basketball court, I will accept it as a player,” said Kim Min-wook, who also gave advice to last season’s rookie Jo Jae-woo, whom Kim has been coaching “harshly” lately .”I’m roommates with him, and there’s the basketball you want to play and the basketball you’ve been playing, but if you listen to the coach, you’ll be able to play more at some point,” Kim said, referring to his own championship experience as a sixth man for Anyang Jungkwanjang (then KGC Ginseng Corporation).During the interview, foreign player Jarrod Jones smiled at Kim, calling him “my favourite player”, while Filipino Josh Torralba walked by, playfully bowing and saying “hello, bro” in Korean.” Jones and I played together at Suwon KT last season, so we know each other’s style, and we greet each other in English every morning,” Kim laughed, “and Torralba gave me the nickname ‘DJ Terry’ because of the music playlist he listens to during weight training. “Kim’s goal this season is to play in every game of the regular season, something he has never done before. “I think I’ll be able to play all the games under the coach this season,” he said ,스포츠토토 “I want to be a player who can step on the court for all 54 games.”

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