“Why PSG-North Korea game in Busan?” Busan fans who were deprived of a safe room rage

Ahead of the upcoming match between Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Jeonbuk Hyundai in the K League 1, Busan soccer fans are up in arms. This is because the match between the two teams will be held at the home stadium of the K League 2 Busan I-Park instead of 홀덤사이트 Jeonbuk’s home. The fans are complaining that they are “losing their home stadium at a time when their promotion to the first division will be decided.”

PSG and Jeonbuk will play a friendly on March 3 at the Busan Asiad Stadium. The match is highly anticipated by soccer fans because it will be the first appearance of Lee Kang-in, who recently moved to PSG. In addition, the fact that Atletico Madrid and Manchester City, who have previously played in Korea, have shown their full power has increased the anticipation.

However, Busan fans have mixed feelings about the match. This is because the Busan-based team has been pushed aside by events between other clubs and has been forced to play league matches at stadiums other than their home stadium. Furthermore, Busan is currently ranked third in the K League 2 and is in a fierce promotion battle. It’s a crucial time for the club to make a move to the top flight next season.

The circumstances surrounding PSG’s match with Jeonbuk are somewhat bizarre. Initially, PSG’s visit was planned to support the city of Busan’s bid to host the 2030 Busan World Expo (Expo), and Jeonbuk, the soccer team of Hyundai Motor Group, was selected as PSG’s opponent. This led to a skit in which the Busan team and its fans were excluded from the game, which was held to support the Expo bid.

It’s not as if Busan can simply vacate the stadium for three days and one night. The team removed all the variable seats in the main stadium over three days for the event. After the event, it would take another three days to reinstall them. After the reinstallation, they must undergo another safety inspection. Because of this, Busan will have to play the Cheonan City FC game on the 5th and the Jeonnam Dragons game on the 15th of next month in other stadiums. It’s not just a hassle for the club. Fans who purchased season tickets to receive priority ticketing for variable seats were unable to enjoy their rights.

As a result, Busan’s official supporters, Pride of Busan, issued an official appeal, saying, “We are in a situation where we have to give up our own home.” They strongly criticized the city’s sports administration, saying, “The city of Busan scheduled and announced the friendly match between PSG and Jeonbuk at their own discretion,” and “The city’s sports administration is hurting Busan Ice Park when it is not enough to go all-in for promotion to the first division.”

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