KBO concludes third session of 2023 Next-Level Training Camp

The third edition of the 2023 KBO Next-Level Training Camp, organized by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), concluded on Wednesday. The third edition of the camp was attended by U-13 (Under-13) primary and little players from the southern region.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Sports Promotion Organization, the third training camp was held in Gijang-gun, Busan, for 13 days from July 30 to 11.

Head coach Jang Jong-hoon and six KBO talent donors, including battery coach Kang Sung-woo, hitting coach Kim Dong-soo, pitching coaches Song Jin-woo and Cha Myung-joo, and fielding coach Kim Min-woo, served as the coaching staff for the camp. Jang and the coaches led the youth players through drills to improve their baseball skills and master the fundamentals.

In batting practice, Coach Jang emphasized the importance of fundamentals to the players through T-Bar drills. Coach Kim Dong-soo filmed the hitting of all the players and used motion linkage analysis to analyze and correct problems through one-on-one consultations with the players.

Coaches Song Jin-woo and Cha Myung-joo focused on pitching fundamentals through a throwing program, and also conducted defensive drills for specific situations such as covering the first base, turning double plays, and fielding bunts.

Coaches Kang Sung-woo and Kim Min-woo focused on all aspects of catcher and infield defense, including basic stance, footwork, throwing motion, and batted ball handling, to help the prospective players develop their fundamentals. “It was fun to train with coaches who are KBO legends,” said Jeon Ju-wan (Daejeon Shinheung), who was named the camp’s Outstanding Player. “I was able to learn a lot, especially about hitting techniques and fielding fundamentals.”

“I hope to continue training hard when I go to middle school and participate in the next Next-Level Camp,” he added. Coach Jang, who oversaw the training, said, “I am grateful for the players’ cooperation in the hot weather. I hope they will continue to grow up correctly and contribute to the development of Korean baseball.”

Coach Jang also encouraged the players, saying, “They are at an age where their potential is endless, so if they utilize the training they received at the camp, they will be able to grow into even better players in the future.”

The KBO also provided injury prevention and anti-doping education by Dr. Geum Jung-seop of Sejong Sports Orthopedic Surgery and sports ethics 토토사이트 education by a professional instructor from the Korea Professional Sports Association.

Busan Gijang-gun and Dong Aotsuka also helped with the camp. Gijang-gun provided all the training facilities, including the Little and Softball fields and netting at the Gijang-KBO Baseball Center, while Dong Aotsuka provided water and Pocaris weights to keep the players hydrated.

The KBO will hold its fourth Next-Level Training Camp for 40 U-13 elementary and little players from the northern region at the same venue on December 12.

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