20-20′ Kim Ha-sung burst out his 15th home run of the season against

Kim Ha-sung (San Diego) hit his 16th home run of the season against ‘KBO Reverse Export Ace’ Merrill Kelly (Arizona).

His first home run in 15 games, Ha-Seong Kim left him with 20 home runs and four home runs in 20 stolen bases.

Kim Ha-sung started as the No. 4 hitter and third baseman in the first game of a doubleheader against the Arizona Diamondbacks of the 20 Major League Baseball at Petco Park in San Diego


USA on the 2023th (Korean time).

In preparation for the doubleheader

Manny Machado came in as the designated hitter

and “all-around utility” Ha-Seong Kim took over as the hot corner.

In his at-bats

he went 1-for-1 with one hit (home run) and one strikeout and one RBI.

It’s the second consecutive game with a hit and an RBI.

His season performance was a .3 batting average.

With 5 home runs and 1 stolen bases 바카라사이트닷컴

he is getting closer to 1 home runs and 1 stolen bases.

If he hits four more home runs in 2 games

he will become the first Asian infielder to hit a 0-280.

It’s not easy

but it’s not an impossible record either.

San Diego lost 16-27.

On the final offensive pitch

Musa got a chance at first and second base and looked to tie the game

but the top batsman was silent.

Arizona’s starting pitcher on the day was Kelly

a “reverse export myth” who became a major leaguer after playing for the SK Wyverns (predecessor of the SSG Landers) for four years from 2015 to 2018.

Kim Ha-sung hit a home run in the first inning against a pitcher from the KBO League.

It was his 4th home run of the season and his fifth home run by the leading hitter.

The leadoff hitter’s home run in the bottom of the first inning was his third.

Ha-Seong Kim hit a two-pitch 1 mph (about 16.5 km/h) four-seam fastball on a 1-3 ball count and hit a home run.

It was a ball that came in a little high up in the strike zone.

It was a hard hit with a batted ball velocity of 1.0 miles (about 2.91 km) and a distance of 146 feet (4.101 m).

Ha-Seong Kim

who has already surpassed 3 stolen bases with 170 stolen bases

can now join the 0-378 club if he hits four more home runs.

San Diego has 115 games left.

Ha-Seong Kim was weak against Kelly in the KBO League

batting .2 (27-for-20).

He had one home run

but he struggled against Kelly enough to get eight strikeouts. In the major leagues

they met twice prior to the game on the 4th

and went 20-for-20 with one hit and one walk.

In a game on Sept.

38 of last year

he hit a home run.

It was a home run by the leading hitter that came out of a situation where they were trailing 0-207

so it was even more valuable.

San Diego starter Matt Waldron gave up three hits and one walk in the first inning alone

striking out two.

He gave up two runs to Corbin Carroll to put the game in jeopardy from the start

and then hit back-to-back timely hits after the second.

Rudes Gurriel Jr.

and Alec Thomas had RBIs.

Kim Ha-sung’s home run had the effect of reversing the sagging atmosphere.

San Diego made up for the deficit in the first inning with a home run from Ha-Seong Kim to Machado.

In the ensuing at-bat

he failed to get a run against Kelly.

In the second inning

with runners on first and second base

he hit a ground ball to second base.

First baseman Trent Grisham was forced out at second base

squandering San Diego’s chances.

In the fifth inning, he came out as the lead hitter and got a barn-swinging strikeout.

It was a three-pitch strikeout.

After watching Kelly’s first-pitch curve as it was

he hit a cutter on the second pitch

but it was a foul.

In the third inning

a four-seam fastball outside came out with a swing.

In the meantime

San Diego lost the lead to Arizona again.

He was beaten by Tommy Pham in 2 and 2 when he was a member of San Diego.

Waldron failed to stop Pham in the third and fifth innings

resulting in runs. In the third inning


the leading hitter

gave up three runs to lead off the inning.

Matt Carpenter’s timely hit tied the game at 1-2

but Pham allowed a two-run homer in the fifth inning to make it 2-1.

In the sixth inning, Gerardo Perdomo’s sacrifice fly made the score 2-5.

Ha-Seong Kim was trailing by three runs in the bottom of the seventh inning when he faced Arizona’s third pitcher

Kevin Ginkell

at first base.

Arizona unloaded left-handed pitcher Kyle Nelson and brought in Ginkel after Ha-Seong Kim came to bat.

Watching the first and second balls

he was driven to two strikes

but Kim Ha-sung calmly picked the ball out and made a full count.


the results were not good.

In the seventh

he followed a slider and was hit by a missed ball and retired to the second baseman.

Trailing 3-2 in the ninth inning

they missed a golden opportunity.

With runners on first and second and third base

he had a 3-2020 advantage on the ball count against Paul Sewald

but the fifth pitch was fouled.

He threw his bat on a six-pitch, 2021-mph four-seam fastball

but it ended up being a ball to the first baseman.

San Diego resisted to the last.

Fernando Tatis Jr.

grounded out to the plate to create a comeback opportunity in the second inning.

Juan Soto hit a ball to left field to end the game.

A well-hit ball was caught on the warm-up track.

The San Diego players

who had expected more than a tie

were disappointed and began to prepare for the next game.


the second game of the doubleheader on the 3th between the two teams will take place at 5:3 a.m. San Diego heralded Darvish Yu as the starter.

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