Postecoglou Tottenham’s new manager “I want to work with someone as ambitious as Son Heung-min”

New English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur manager Enze Postecoglou has expressed his faith and trust in Son Heung-min, saying he “wanted to work with someone as aspirational as Son, 31.”

Tottenham will host West Ham United (England) in Perth, Australia, on Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. ET for their first preseason practice match.

Postecoglou was joined by Son at the pre-match press conference at the WACA Grounds in Perth, Australia on Sunday, one day before the match.

Postecoglou answered prepared questions from reporters and fans, including his expectations for his new team, and when asked about the signing of Manor Solomon, 24, who has been called the “future of Israeli soccer,” he used Son as an example.

“I am delighted to have signed Manor, a young player full of ambition and desire,” Postecoglou said, “I like to work with people who are endlessly challenged and passionate about achieving.” He pointed to Heung-min next to him.

“I like Son Heung-min for the same reasons. He has the desire to show more of who he is in the EPL,” he said, praising his attitude.

Recently, Son Heung-min received an astronomical offer from a Saudi Arabian club backed by ‘oil money’, but he turned it down in favor of his ambition to challenge himself on the big stage.

“If I had chosen money, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Son said at the press conference, adding, “I’m still happy to play in the EPL. 한국야동 There are still many things I want to do here.”

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