Klinsmann doesn’t win again… Son Heung-min tries to calm the team down

Two friendlies during the A-match left Klinsmann’s team with a lot of work to do.They didn’t even manage to beat El Salvador.Captain Son Heung-min set the tone for the team by emphasizing the importance of the Taegeuk mark.Reporter Kwak Jun-young took a look back at the two-game series.After the two-game series against Peru and El Salvador, the national team finished with one draw and one loss.Failing to get his first win again, Klinsmann, who has been winless for four games since taking over, has the distinction of being the longest winless foreign coach in history.Goals were needed to win, but finishing was the problem.Through two games, Klinsmann has had 22 shots on goal and only one on target.It’s hard to make a simple comparison, but that’s a shabby number compared to Japan, who scored 10 goals against the same opponents in the same period.The defense, without Kim Min-jae and Kim Young-kwon, was also disappointing.The national team’s backline, which conceded in both matches, often looked out of sync or unfocused during the game카지노사이트킹.Against Peru, Ahn Hyun-beom and Won Doo-jae went down with injuries, and against El Salvador, Kim Jin-soo suffered a broken cheekbone and jaw.It wasn’t without income.First, Lee Kang-in, who was a key player in the offense, and Hwang Eui-jo, who scored his first goal for the A team in a long time.”It would have been better if I could have won the game with my goal, but I think I felt good at the moment I scored.”Four players made their A-Match debuts, including Ahn Hyun-beom, and Seol Young-woo made an impressive performance in the second game.The next A-Match is against Wales in September, and it’s possible that key players like Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in will change clubs in the meantime.However, the team’s captain, Son Heung-min, emphasized the importance of the Taegeuk mark by addressing the recent Saudi transfer rumors.”Sung Yong-yi once said, ‘The national team captain does not go to China.’ Money is not important, and I will prepare well at the club.”

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